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Bitcoin Treasuries List claims 59 companies and a handful of countries hold 1.49 million BTC – – Crypto News

304 days, or roughly nine months ago, 42 companies had Bitcoin on their balance sheets for a grand total of 1,350,073 Bitcoin on March 1, 2021. Today, the metrics show that there are 59 companies, some countries, and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). with 1,499,493 Bitcoin in treasury.

Private and public companies, ETFs and countries – List of government bonds highlights 59 companies with Bitcoin on their balance sheets

In the past 12 months, many companies have announced that they have added Bitcoin (BTC) on the company’s balance sheet and even save countries like El Salvador now BTC in their treasury.

March 1, 2021, News reported that in addition to Bitcoin funds, there were 42 companies made up of public and private companies. At that time 1,350,073 BTC was owned by the company and represented 6.43% of the maximum bid of 21 million.

Data from’s Bitcoin Treasuries list as of December 30, 2021.

Now similar to Micro-strategy Announcement of a BTC Every now and then the Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has the public of El Salvador BTC Acquisitions. For example El Salvador Bought 21 BTC to celebrate the 21st day, year, and century on December 21st.

the Bitcoin government bonds The list hosted on shows that there are 59 companies that are holding BTC on their balance sheets and in five different countries. At the time of writing, the web portal claims 1,499,493 BTC is held by these institutions.

That equates to a value of $ 71.6 billion, or 7.14% of the $ 21 million BTC Supply cap. Now the list of Bitcoin Treasuries states that five countries own BTC and the first on the list is Bulgaria but the stock of 213,519 BTC held by Bulgarian authorities is controversial and many people believe the coins were sold.

In April 2018, the regional news publication Bivol explained that Bulgaria’s Finance Minister Vladislav Goranov stated that the BTC sold. Goranov noticed that the BTC was sold to “multiple sovereign wealth funds and Asian investors”. It also noted that Deloitte and the FBI helped make the sale easier and the BTC was sold for € 15,000 each.

If this stock is removed from the aggregate of the Bitcoin Treasuries list, the current one becomes BTC held by corporations and four countries would be 1,285,974 BTC valued at $ 61.1 billion. The list of Bitcoin Treasuries then states that El Salvador is 1,391. holds BTC, the UK government holds 46,351 BTC, Finland has 1,981 BTC, and Georgia has 66 BTC.

Microstrategy, Tesla, Galaxy Digital hold the top 3 public companies –, Tezos Foundation, Stone Ridge hold the top 3 private company positions

This would keep the list of Bitcoin Treasuries limited to ETFs, private companies and public companies. The listed company with the most BTC According to the Bitcoin Treasuries list at the time of writing, Microstrategy is at 122,478 BTC or $ 5.8 billion worth of coins.

The company’s CEO, Michael Saylor told the public it bought 1,914 BTC on Thursday. The list of Bitcoin Treasuries shows that Tesla and Galaxy Digital hold the second and third largest amounts of Bitcoin in terms of publicly traded companies.

Bitcoin Treasuries List claims 59 companies and a handful of countries hold 1.49 million BTC – – Crypto News, Crypto Trading News
Top 13 publicly traded companies with Bitcoin on their balance sheets as of December 30, 2021, according to’s list of Bitcoin Treasuries.

Tesla holds 42,902 BTC according to the list and Galaxy Digital has a stock of 16,400 BTC. These two public companies are followed by Voyager Digital LTD (12.260.). BTC), Square Inc. (8.027 BTC) and Marathon Digital Holdings (7,649 BTC).

This leaves 39 listed companies BTC in their balance sheets at companies like MOGO Financing (18 BTC), Phunware, Inc. (127 BTC), Coinbase Global, Inc. (4,482 BTC) and Brooker Group (BKK) (1.150 BTC).

Six private companies also hold Bitcoin, including (140,000), The Tezos Foundation (17,500), Stone Ridge Holdings Group (10,000), Massachusetts Mutual (3,500), Lisk Foundation (1,898), and Seetee AS (1,170).

Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust dominates the entire list of Bitcoin Treasuries

14 funds hold 809,848 BTC according to the list and the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) holds 648,069 BTC this sum. GBTC is followed by funds like CoinShares / XBT with 48,466 BTC, Purpose Bitcoin ETF with 22,411 BTC, and 3iQ Coinshares Bitcoin ETF with 21,237 BTC.

The list of Bitcoin Treasuries gives a pretty good look at a number of companies that claim to hold them BTC on their balance sheet and it’s much bigger than last year. However, just like the discrepancy with the Bulgarian bitcoin supply mentioned above, none of the so-called “who owns all bitcoins” lists are completely correct.

Indeed, with no cryptographic evidence, these types of lists do not hold up well when it comes to the actual onchain verification and the actual “Proof of reserves. ”Despite this problem, the lists are useful for a visual perspective, which could be the case if the majority of these entities were truthful about their BTC Reserves.

What do you think of the end-of-year list of Bitcoin Treasuries? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments below.

Bitcoin Treasuries List claims 59 companies and a handful of countries hold 1.49 million BTC – – Crypto News, Crypto Trading News

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