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Bitcoin’s hash power remains high, up 163% in 5 months, with Foundry USA in command of the top mining swimming pool – mining bitcoin news

The hash power behind the Bitcoin network has continued to stay above the 180 exahash per second (EH / s) zone, having recently hit a life high. Five months ago the hashrate hit a low of 69 EH / s and since then hash power has increased 163% in the last 178 days or five months ago.

The Bitcoin hashrate continues to run hot towards the end of the year after China’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining last summer

Miners dedicating SHA256 hash power to the Bitcoin blockchain have kept processing power above 180 EH / s. At the time of writing on 12/23 BTCThe hashrate of is hovering just above the 186 EH / s zone. The most recent hashrate highs follow BTC‘s lifelong hashrate is high knock 194.95 EH / s on December 8, 2021. Since then, metrics have shown the hashrate hovering below this region, and 30-day stats show a few times as it quickly approached the December 8th high.

Bitcoin (BTC) Network statistics for the whole year. Since June 28, 2021, Bitcoin’s hash power has increased 163% in the last 178 days.

BTCThe hashrate is currently doing much better than the recordings on June 28, 2021, when processing performance plummeted to 69 EH / s. Thanks to the raids on Chinese miners in China, the network lost 63.87% of its hash power from 191 EH / s on May 9 to 69 EH / s by the end of June. Five months later, the hashrate has recovered, regaining the processing power that was lost during that period. End of June, BTCThe price was much lower and traded for $ 34,000 per unit.

Slight decline in difficulty expected, Foundry USA topped this week

This past week BTC was trading at prices between $ 46.5,000 and $ 49.5,000, and this has kept the hash rate high – even after the network’s mining difficulty rose 8.33% on Dec. 11. In fact, the network difficulty could be revised down for the first time since the November 28th decline of 1.49%. At the time of this writing and in more than 24 hours, the difficulty is expected to decrease by a hair by 0.23%. This would lower the current mining difficulty level from 24.20 trillion to 24.14 trillion.

Currently the largest bitcoin is (BTC) Miner in terms of total hashrate is Foundry USA with 17.17% of global hash power or 29.82 EH / s. The second largest miner today is Bitmains Antpool with 14.78% of the global hash power or 25.67 EH / s. Antpool is followed by Viabtc (14.57%), F2pool (13.26%) and Binance Pool (12.17%). Unknown hashrate or stealth miners have 12.17% of the network’s hash power and are the sixth largest entity in terms of global hashrate. The hashrate, unknown at the time of writing, has about 21.14 exahash per second hash power.

What do you think of the current state of the hashrate of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) -based Bitcoin network? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments below.

Bitcoin’s hash power remains high, up 163% in 5 months, with Foundry USA in command of the top mining swimming pool – mining bitcoin news, Crypto Trading News

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