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Ethereum Hashrate Taps Record 1 Petahash as ETH’s Mining Profitability Remains High – Bitcoin Mining News – Crypto News

Twenty days ago, the Ethereum network participants updated the protocol and implemented the Arrow Glacier upgrade. The move delayed Ethereum’s “Ice Age” proof-of-stake (PoS) transition for another six months, and this week the network’s hashrate hit an all-time high. For the first time ever, six-month statistics show that Ethereum’s hashrate exceeded 1 petahash per second (PH / s).

Ethereum Hashrate Taps 1 Petahash

Ethereum (ETH) Miners are making profits at the end of the year as an ASIC device made by Innosilicon earns around $ 84 per day at 1.5 Gigaash per second (GH / s). On December 27th, Ethereum’s network hashrate is hovering at 992.59 terahash per second (TH / s). ETHThe hash rate is running hot and statistics within the six month range show the network has hit a high of 1.0122 PH / s.

1 Petahash or 1,000 TH / s is much more than the 1.51 TH / s dedicated to the Ethereum network on March 21, 2016. That’s a 66.125% increase from the first hashrate recorded that day to today’s Ethereum hashrate. This means that in the first few days it would take 1,000 top-rated 1.5 GH / s machines to process the Ethereum network. With a network close to 1 PH / s today, and if every miner were to use a 1.5 GH / s device, it would take 1 million machines to power Ethereum today.

Ethermine, F2pool Command 41% of the hashrate of Ethereum, Innosilicon A11 Pro the most profitable ether mining device

The largest miner of Ethereum today is with 282.63 TH / s, followed by F2pool with 134.81 TH / s. Poolin has 103.57 TH / s, Hiveon has 93.32 TH / s, and Flexpool is around 46.17 TH / s today. Ethereum’s percentage of hashrate on Nicehash is 46.17 TH / s today, 2 miners have 36.86 TH / s and Antpool dedicates 33.40 TH / s to it ETH Network. Approximately 61 pools dedicate hash to the Ethereum network on December 27, 2021.

The most profitable Ethereum (ETH) Today, Bergmann is the A11 Pro from Innosilicon ETH 1,500 megahash (MH / s) unit which now ranks around $ 84 per day when used at $ 0.12 per kilowatt hour (kWh) ETH Exchange rate. Innosilicons A10 Pro + ETH 750 (MH / s) miner is the second most profitable ETH Bergmann, who gets around $ 41.78 a day at the same prices. 1.5 GH / s ether mining devices are also more profitable than today’s most profitable bitcoins (BTC) Miner.

What do you think of the Ethereum network having all-time highs in hashrate? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments below.

Ethereum Hashrate Taps Record 1 Petahash as ETH’s Mining Profitability Remains High – Bitcoin Mining News – Crypto News, Crypto Trading News

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