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Invest in Bitcoin, Stay Away From Dollars and Euros – Recommended Bitcoin News – Crypto News

Mexico’s third richest billionaire has advised people to stay away from fiat currencies like dollars and euros and invest in bitcoin. He called Fiat “fake money made of paper and lies” and emphasized that “central banks are printing more money than ever”.

Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommends investing in Bitcoin and says avoiding fiat money

Mexico’s third richest billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego offered some advice on Friday in a video he posted on Twitter to wish his followers happy holidays. Salinas is the founder and chairman of Grupo Salinas, a group of companies with interests in telecommunications, media, financial services and retail. According to the Forbes Billionaires List, his net worth is currently $ 13 billion.

One of the three pieces of advice he gave concerns Bitcoin and central banks. The billionaire said:

Stay away from fiat money. The dollar, the euro, the yen or the peso – they are all the same story. It’s paper counterfeit money and lies. Central banks are printing more money than ever before. Invest in Bitcoin.

This wasn’t the first time Salinas advised people to buy bitcoin. In November the billionaire tweeted “Buy bitcoin now“With reference to the fact that the USA” looks more and more like any other irresponsible third world country “. He also posted as diagram shows what he called “the extent of counterfeit money creation”.

In June he announced that his bank would BTC. “I recommend using Bitcoin, and I and my bank are working to be the first bank in Mexico to accept Bitcoin,” he tweeted. He also believes that “Bitcoin is the new gold” and notes that it is “much more portable”.

In December, Salinas announced that its retail chain, Electra Group, a leading retailer in Latin America, has started accepting Bitcoin.

Do you agree with Mexico’s third richest billionaire in terms of fiat money and bitcoin? Let us know in the comment section below.

Invest in Bitcoin, Stay Away From Dollars and Euros – Recommended Bitcoin News – Crypto News, Crypto Trading News

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