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Microstrategy CEO Predicts Bitcoin Price Of $ 6 Million – Markets And Prices – Crypto News

Microstrategy CEO expects Bitcoin price to hit $ 6 million and notes that it is “unstoppable” and will replace gold. The executive personally owns 17,732 bitcoins while his company holds 122,478 bitcoins.

Microstrategy CEO expects Bitcoin to hit $ 6 million

Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor spoke about his Bitcoin strategy and BTC Price prediction in a recent interview with Information released this week.

Saylor announced that he personally owns at least 17,732 bitcoins same amount he announced in October last year. With the current BTC Price is worth nearly $ 858 million on its bitcoin stash.

The microstrategy manager has never sold his bitcoins and believes they should never be sold. In addition, the information reported:

Saylor predicts that Bitcoin will hit $ 600,000 coin, and eventually $ 6 million.

Meanwhile, Microstrategy piled up 122,478 BTC, worth nearly $ 6 billion at current price. The coins were purchased for an average purchase price of US $ 29,861 and a cost basis of US $ 3.7 billion, according to the company’s Investor Day presentation published last week.

Microstrategy described itself as “the largest publicly traded Bitcoin owner in the world and the first publicly traded company to adopt Bitcoin as its primary treasury reserve asset”. The company’s strategy is to “acquire and hold bitcoin over the long term” and “buy bitcoin by using excess cash flows, debt and equity transactions”.

In November, Saylor said that Bitcoin was “unstoppable” and “as $ 100 trillion asset class. “That’s what the CEO said over and over again BTC will replace gold. Earlier this month he said, “Gold was once the most sought-after store of value. Now is bitcoin take his place. “

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Microstrategy CEO Predicts Bitcoin Price Of $ 6 Million – Markets And Prices – Crypto News, Crypto Trading News

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