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The US Securities and Exchange Commission has added a number of advisors to Chairman Gary Gensler’s senior management team. Among them is Corey Frayer, who advises Gensler on “SEC Policy and Inter-Agency Work Regarding the Supervision of Crypto Assets”.

SEC has new advisor for the supervision of crypto assets

The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced on Thursday the appointment of Corey Frayer, Phil Havenstein, Jennifer Songer and Jorge Tenreiro to the executive board of Chairman Gary Gensler. The announcement details:

Corey Frayer advises Chairman Gensler on SEC policy making and cross-agency work related to crypto-asset oversight.

Prior to joining the SEC, Frayer served as an officer on the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs for Chairman Sherrod Brown. He also served a decade as senior advisor to Rep. Maxine Waters on the House Financial Services Committee and Rep. Brad Miller of North Carolina.

Havenstein advises Gensler on agency administration, operations and management matters. Songer advises him on matters relating to investment companies and investment advisors, while Tenreiro advises him on matters relating to the Division of Enforcement.

In December, Gensler demanded more investor protection on crypto markets. “This asset class is rife with fraud, fraud and abuse in certain applications,” he said. “In many cases, investors are unable to obtain strict, balanced and complete information about tokens or trading and credit platforms.”

The SEC has approved some Bitcoin futures Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) under Gensler. However, the commission has not approved any spot Bitcoin ETFs. In November, US MPs Tom Emmer and Darren Soto sent Gensler a letter asking the SEC to allow trade of spot Bitcoin ETFs.

What do you think of the SEC adding a crypto advisor to Gensler’s executives? Let us know in the comment section below.

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