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Stratos Jet Charters Reveals Crypto Payment Acceptance for Flights Via FTX Pay – – Crypto News

Stratos Jet Charters Inc., headquartered in Orlando, Florida, announced that it has partnered with FTX US to enable Stratos Jet customers to pay for services with crypto payments through FTX Pay. Stratos Jet CEO says the company is looking for a crypto partner and found FTX to be an “ideal fit.”

Stratos Jet customers can book and pay for flights with cryptocurrencies

On Tuesday the company Stratos Jet Charters Inc. announced that the company has closed a deal with the crypto company FTX USA and enables customers to pay with cryptocurrencies. The company is a private jet charter broker and offers a platform called Stratos Marketplace for desktop and mobile devices. The application enables people to book flights with Stratos Jet immediately, and with the FTX integration, customers can also easily book and pay for their charter flights with just a few additional clicks.

Joel Thomas, CEO of Stratos Jet, stated during the announcement that the company is looking for a crypto partner to work with Stratos Marketplace. Thomas said FTX’s myriad features and security offerings led the company to choose the crypto company. In a statement sent to News, Thomas stated that the “[FTX] The platform is mature, but easy to use for customers and can be seamlessly integrated into our flight charter marketplace. “

Stratos Jet isn’t the only private jet charter offering customers the option to pay in cryptocurrencies. Mid-February, News reported on the report by directional aviation company Privatefly, which found that almost 20% of the company’s revenue was paid in cryptocurrencies in January. People can too Leverage Fast Private Jet with crypto payment company Bitpay.

Regarding the Stratos Jet partnership, FTX US President Brett Harrison says FTX pay was designed so that companies can “accept payments in any type of currency.”

“As a company, Stratos prioritizes the customer experience and we are excited to be able to help you with this process through our payments platform,” said Harrison. “It’s exciting to work with an industry leader to help improve the customer experience while increasing the presence of digital assets outside of the traditional financial landscape.”

The Stratos Jet CEO concluded by stating that there had been “unprecedented demand for private aviation”. The company’s executive believed that using FTX would “dramatically reduce our exposure to credit cards.” FTX’s collaboration with Stratos Jet follows that of the company Act with Monumental Sports Entertainment and a number of sports-related partnerships in 2021.

What do you think of the Stratos Jet accepting digital currencies through FTX Pay? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments below.

Stratos Jet Charters Reveals Crypto Payment Acceptance for Flights Via FTX Pay – – Crypto News, Crypto Trading News

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