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Tony Hawk launches the NFT collection “Last Trick” to commemorate career and signature movements – blockchain

After the first sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) on the NFT marketplace Autograph by American professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, Hawk is commemorating his career with a new series of NFTs called “Last Trick”. The popular skateboarder’s latest digital collector’s items present his most memorable tricks such as “Frontside Cab”, “Gymnast Plant” and “Finger Flip” in animated NFT form.

Birdman launches 16,600 ‘Last Trick’ NFTs

The professional skateboarder Tony Hawk is considered one of the best in the world and invented many different tricks in his youth that astonish audiences well into old age. Hawk, also known as Birdman, was one of the first professional skaters to complete the 900 (a 2½ turn or 900 degree turn) at the 1999 X Games V. It took Hawk ten tries to complete the skateboard trick, and since then few others have even landed the 900-degree turn.

Tony Hawk’s public drop for his “Last Trick” NFT collection begins today at 5:00 p.m. EST. The collection includes 16,600 digital collectibles that showcase Hawk’s signature moves such as “Varial 5”, “Gymnast Plant”, “Magic Dance”, “Front Side Cab” and “Finger Flip”.

Hawk is also a fan of Bitcoin (BTC) and Allegations He bought the crypto asset in 2012 after reading about the Silk Road marketplace. The skateboarder and entrepreneur is also into NFTs and recently launched his first NFT collection on the Autograph NFT marketplace created by Tom Brady. The Preseason Access collection with Hawk sold out in minutes, and to commemorate his career, he selected five signature skateboarding tricks and turned them into animated NFTs.

“After seeing how quickly my Preseason Access collection sold out, I was inspired to do something bigger and more personal with my newest NFT range,” Hawk said said in a statement. “For the Tony Hawk ‘Last Trick’ collection with autograph, I selected five of my signature tricks and reinterpreted them in animated NFTs that will last forever.”

Hawks NFTs present their signature Varial 5, Gymnast Plant, Magic Dance, Front Side Cab and Finger Flip

Hawks latest NFT tricks will include “Varial 5”, “Gymnast Plant”, “Magic Dance”, “Front Side Cab” and “Finger Flip”. The collection had early access from December 14 through December 16. Today at 5:00 p.m. EST, Tony Hawk’s Autograph “Last Trick” collection will begin its public release. The official disclosure date for NFT is December 21, 2021, and the Early Access period has been earmarked for Tony Hawk Preseason Access Pass holders.

According to the website, the tricks have been minted into 16,600 digital collectibles, and each NFT has a specific rarity level. The rarity levels of the NFT “Last Trick” collection are carbon, platinum, emerald, sapphire and ruby. Some are referred to as the “Immortal Statue” and some of the NFT collectibles also have a “mysterious container” tied to the NFT.

“It’s humbling to see these tricks come to life in the digital age, even after I’ve played my last,” concluded Hawk. “It gives the fans the opportunity to experience them all over again in a new way.”

What do you think of Tony Hawk’s “Last Trick” NFT collection hosted on the Autograph NFT Marketplace? Let us know what you think on this matter in the comments below.

Tony Hawk launches the NFT collection “Last Trick” to commemorate career and signature movements – blockchain, Crypto Trading News

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