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2022 Predictions from Arcane Research

                                                            Auch wenn sich das Jahr als ein entscheidender Moment für Bitcoin herausstellte, befand es sich am Rande, als die erstaunliche Rallye vor kurzem zum Stillstand kam.  Gleichzeitig traten viele Altcoins, von denen einige zuvor unbekannt waren, in den Vordergrund, darunter auch Memecoins.  Arcane Research skizzierte jedoch die möglichen Änderungen im kommenden Jahr, die das Blatt wenden könnten.

This is what awaits you in this article

The biggest winner?

Arcane Research rightly states in its latest report that 2021 was a year of ups and downs, but mostly ups. Bitcoin, for example, outperformed both the stock market and gold despite having had an incredibly volatile year.

Altcoins like Binance Coin inevitably stole the show, however, with BNB as the best performer of the three greatest Cryptocurrencies after Market capitalization emerged and made profits of more than 1,300%. It wasn’t just BNB that crushed the market leader.

With an increase of 455%, Ethereum Bitcoin clearly outperformed in terms of price development. As the cryptanalysis and research firm discovered, 2021 was a long altcoin season and the year for layer 1s.

However, one of Arcane’s boldest predictions for the next year is: Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA) can fall out of the top 10 leaderboard. What was once the third largest crypto by market value, XRP, has fallen from its leading position, in part due to the ongoing Ripple-SEC scramble.

Cardano, on the other hand, has shown enormous potential thanks to significant upgrades. However, the increase paused and proved largely insignificant in the fourth quarter.

Layer 1 emergence

Layer 1 networks like Solana, Avalanche, Terra Luna, Fantom and Harmony gained traction, stripping Ethereum from its undeniable position as DeFi– Leader off.

According to Arcane, the outperformance of these networks is likely to continue into the coming year, and these smart contract platforms will continue to be users as well as funds from the Ethereum ecosystem. Therefore, a price increase of the respective native tokens in 2022 would not be surprising.

Dog fight memecoins and “stupid” pumps

The internet is a strange place, but the cryptocurrency space is even stranger. The year saw the most out-of-the-box, and downright bizarre tokens go on incredible rallies. While Bitcoin consistently demonstrated massive strength, market sentiment shifted from extreme greed to fear.

As a result, investors resorted to rotating in altcoins. Thanks to Elon Musk, “The Technoking of Tesla”, Dogecoin, the OG memecoin finally found credibility. Riding on his skirt laps, several dog-themed brands popped up. One who stood out and was even Musk’s favorite for a short time was – Shiba Inu (SHIB). And despite the lack of stronger narratives, capital continued to trickle down these joke coins.

However, this is subject to change. Arcane noted that most of these tokens will eventually “be forgotten and are a historical relic of the absurd times of 2021”.


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