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60% Believe A New Bitcoin ATH Will Come Before $ 29,000: Poll

                                                            Seit dem massiven Crash am 4. Dezember hat sich der Bitcoin-Preis seitwärts bewegt.  Die Bullen sind bisher bei allen Erholungsversuchen gescheitert, während es auch den Bären nicht gelingt, den Kurs substanziell nach unten zu drücken.

However, a sizable segment of the community seems to believe that things are not that bleak and that a new one All time high will come before it hits the lows of $ 29,000.

All time high before $ 29,000

Pentoshi, a well-known pseudonymous trader and a hugely popular member of the cryptocurrency community, launched a poll on Twitter on Sunday asking the community whether they would see a new all-time high or $ 29,000 first for the BTC price.

It seems that the majority of voters believe Moong is coming before gloom.
It’s worth noting that there’s still plenty of time to go before the poll is finished, but the 25,000 votes already cast makes a pretty reasonable sample size. 60% of people believe we are waiting for a new all-time high, while the rest of them think the price will retest the $ 29,000 lows we saw in July.

At the time of this writing, the price is hovering around $ 46,200 after another disappointing weekend, down 2.7% over the past 24 hours. The whole Market capitalization is under $ 2.3 trillion while Bitcoin’s dominance is 38.5%.

Insane Optimism?

The survey results may seem quite optimistic, but if you look at the hard data of the well-known crypto Fear and greed index shows a completely different picture. The metric is currently in a state of extreme fear.
60% Believe A New Bitcoin ATH Will Come Before $ 29,000: Poll, Crypto Trading News
the index analyzes emotions and moods from different sources and summarizes them to that particular number. It’s also worth noting that this particular dataset applies only to Bitcoin and takes into account volatility, market dynamics, social media sentiment, surveys, dominance, and trends.

Despite the seemingly positive results from the aforementioned Twitter survey, the market continues to drop as the majority of the Cryptocurrencies has fallen between 2% and 10% in the past 24 hours alone.


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