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83% of Millennial Millionaires own cryptocurrencies, 48% want to buy more in 2022: CNBC survey

                                                            Die Bevorzugung der Verwendung von Cryptowährungen als Investition und Wertaufbewahrungsmittel hält weiterhin eine Generationenlücke aufrecht, wobei Millennials bei der Verwendung dezentraler Technologien an vorderster Front stehen – insbesondere millionenschwere Investoren.

According to the latest edition of the CNBC Millionaire Survey, the majority of Millennial Millionaires have invested in cryptocurrencies and expect their holdings to grow in the coming months.

Millennials love Bitcoin

The survey measures the market sentiment in various economic sectors. The results show that inflation the main concern of millennials is who see the phenomenon as a threat to economic growth. The second most important risk, ironically, is US government dysfunction. Both share 23% of the total votes.

The survey found that 83% of Millennial Millionaires own cryptocurrencies, with 48% expecting to buy even more in 2022. Only 6% expect to reduce their stocks.

The results also showed that 53% of Millennial Millionaires own more than 50% of their wealth in cryptocurrencies. At the same time, a third of millennials said they had 75% or more invested in cryptocurrencies.

As for inflation, most Millennials believe it will be a permanent phenomenon, with 45% of Millennials showing greater concern. Most, however, are optimistic about the future of the economy, with 59% overall confidence in the Fed’s ability to deal with inflation.

It should also be noted that millionaires perceive the risk of inflation differently than the majority of the population. Robert Frank, CNBC Wealth Editor, explains that while common people fear the rising prices associated with inflation, millionaires worry about rising interest rates and how it will affect their investments.

Cryptocurrencies and the generation break

Millennials’ interest in cryptocurrencies has increased over time. A previous Cryptopotato report showed that millennial investors with 50% of their money made up a not insignificant 30% of the total number of respondents in the June issue. The increase towards 53% shows a price-independent increase in interest rates.

However, it seems that the love for cryptocurrencies is only a millennial thing. As the generations get older, trust in this asset class decreases. A survey conducted by Cryptopotato found that Xennials or those around the age of 40 allocated 9.2% of their funds. By comparison, Generation X exposure is around 6.3%. Generation X comes before the millennial generation.

And among the baby boomers and earlier generations, the preference for bitcoin investing is almost minimal, with an average investment of 10% of wealth among the top 10% of the population.


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