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A catalyst could blow up Bitcoin by 300% in 2022, according to crypto billionaire Brock Pierce

Billionaire Brock Pierce says that external factors are driving the movement of Bitcoin (BTC) will largely dictate in 2022.
In a new one interview On Fox Business, the chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation announced what, in his opinion, the price of the flagshipCryptocurrency could affect in the coming year.

“I think more of external tractors than of the Bitcoin market itself.

I mean, we are printing a huge amount of currency in the world today; What will we be in terms of actual inflation see?

These are things like that. “

He says the volatility of Bitcoin offers potentially high returns for investors and serves as a key catalyst to drive the price of the digital asset up.

“Remember that this is an alternative asset and not a hedge per se like gold or real estate maybe or more because it has more risk and higher volatility, but also a much more interesting return profile.

Depending on the financial uncertainty in the broader global financial system, this will be the main reason. “

Regarding Bitcoin’s spike in 2022, Pierce says it is very likely that BTC could break through six-digit levels and even hit $ 200,000, or over 400% of the top crypto’s current price of $ 47,234.68.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Bitcoin prices over $ 100,000 next year.

It is even conceivable that it could crack $ 200,000 for a moment and probably fall back again. “


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