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A combination of DeFi, NFTs and gaming

                                                            Die Blockchain-Technologie stört die Gaming-Branche, und die Sektoren dezentrale Finanzen (DeFi) und nicht fungible Token (NFT) treiben diese Revolution an.

The advent of the play-to-earn business model popularized by blockchain-based games is taking the whole world by storm.

However, a new unique blend of Play-to-Earn games, DeFi and NFT-powered capital from GoFungibles has recently caught the interest of the game industry. What is it and what functions does it bring?

This is what awaits you in this article

Meet GoFungibles

GoFungibles is a decentralized platform that offers a unique and exciting mix of blockchain-based play-to-earn gaming, an access portal for the DeFi market and a traditional NFT marketplace.

It is a DeFi-powered ecosystem that enables users to create, trade, earn and use multiple non-fungible tokens along with several other features, including gamified yield farming, staking and rewards that give users a comprehensive blockchain Should provide a gaming experience.

GoFungibles integrates multiple functions from the DeFi, NFT and gaming industries to provide users with an exciting experience like no other.

The platform aims to provide users with access to a wide range of DeFi products, backed by NFTs and various earning opportunities, while increasing the liquidity of digital assets by performing some of the core functions of the DeFi sector, including yield farming and staking, connects with each other.

GoFungibles uses a multi-chain solution, the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), which makes NFTs truly interoperable, enables multiple wallets, and allows users to create and transfer tokens seamlessly across multiple blockchain networks without the risk of losing theirs Losing value.

The platform also uses the Layer 2 solution Polygonwhich enables users to conduct transactions at low transaction fees. It features an endless, addicting and fun mobile runner game with high-end graphics, smooth gameplay, a crypto economy and NFT digital assets.

Players can play and level up their characters in single player mode or test their skills by competing against other players in multiplayer mode and earn rewards such as in-game currency and rare NFTs.

Additionally, GoFungibles seeks to address some of the issues facing the NFT market, including low liquidity, fragmentation and high gas fees, while also removing the barriers to entry into the NFTIndustry to be dismantled.

When DeFi meets NFTs

The DeFi sector disrupted traditional financial systems and the NFT sector disrupted the traditional collector market.

GoFungibles intends to create a unique but potentially explosive combination of both worlds. As? Here is how.

  • Fractional NFTs: By definition, NFTs are not fungible or indivisible assets. However, GoFungibles created a way for NFT creators to sell fractions of their hot new and valuable NFTs to multiple buyers.

This makes the NFTs more accessible and allows the creator to sell the NFTs quickly instead of waiting for a single buyer.

  • Secured NFTs: GoFungibles enables creators to use their NFT collateral when applying for loans to access liquidity without having to sell their assets.
  • NFT leasing: Users are not excluded as they can rent their in-game NFT characters to other players for use in gameplay. This serves as a passive source of income for NFT owners in the GoFungibles ecosystem.
  • NFT farming and staking: GoFungibles brings additional liquidity to NFT assets on its platform by allowing users to deploy their valuable NFTs while farming platform tokens and rare NFTs. This offers users another passive source of income.
  • Artist donations: Users can also show their appreciation by donating to their favorite artists. These donations act as a morale booster and motivate the creators to be more high quality NFTs to create.

GoFungibles features

The platform makes a list of functions available to users.

  • DAO: To get rid of centralization, GoFungibles created a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This enables holders of the platform’s native token to receive voting rights for certain changes to the platform, community suggestions and creator whitelistings.
  • NFT fee structure: GoFungibles allows users to create, mint, and list an NFT with any piece of media for free with only a 2.5% fee due after the NFT is sold.

The platform also addresses the high gas tariff issue by adopting Polygon’s Layer 2 solution and Ethereum‘s Lazy Minting.

GoFungibles brings further liquidity to NFT assets on its platform by allowing users to invest their valuable NFTs while farming platform tokens and rare NFTs.

  • NFT marketplace: GoFungibles has an innovative and easy to use NFT marketplace that comes with all of the features of some of the best NFT-Marketplaces is equipped, but with several DeFi-Functions including NFT farming, fractionation and more.

GoFungibles intends to expand its DeFi capabilities in the future to include NFT-backed lending and other financial instruments that underwrite NFTs.

  • NFT license fees: Artists are often not valued as they should be in the centralized world. GoFungibles aims to make it better in the decentralized world by allowing developers to program royalties into their NFTs that will bring them passive income.

Announcing a $ 4 million private fundraising round

Polygon-based GameFi platform recently announced that it has closed a $ 4 million private funding round. Investors in the round include Moonrock Capital, Genblock Capital, AU21, X21 and Oddiyana Ventures.

The global launch of the Metarun game is planned for the second quarter of 2022, but Early Access will be available in 2022. It is a play-to-earn game with NFT assets that can be traded on GoFungibles’ NFT marketplace.

The GFTS token

GFTS is the native Cryptocurrency by GoFungibles and is designed to aid the activities carried out on the platform.

GFTS holders enjoy several benefits including:

  • Access to voting rights for platform changes, community proposals and exclusive NFT approvals.
  • Use GFTS tokens to collect their NFTs to advertise and present.
  • Earn GFTS tokens for staking rewards and farming income.

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