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According to Bitcoin veteran Samson Mow, these are the next countries that could adopt BTC

The former Blockstream exec and longtime proponent of Bitcoin (BTC)Samson Mow says he sees other countries following as the leading crypto asset in the years to come market capitalization will take over.
In an interview with Kitco News, Mow, currently CEO of bitcoin technology company JAN3, names a country he believes could potentially adopt BTC soon.

“Well, it looks like Panama is coming. They’re just waiting for the president’s signature to sign a law. That was quite unexpected, even Central African Republic was unexpected. It just came out of nowhere.

I think it’s definitely possible that we’ll see another one coming out later this year. I actually work on a number of countries too, with Bitcoiners in different places. There are two ways here. One is actively pushing Bitcoin, the other is natural adoption, where they figure it out for themselves and say, “Okay, we’re going to use Bitcoin.” Our prospects for this year are looking good.”

Mow also reveals that he is working with major figures in Mexico to promote Bitcoin adoption in the country.

“I work with some people in Mexico. Indira Kempis, she is a Mexican Senator. And also Ricardo Salinas, this is the Mexican Avengers team trying to get Bitcoin adoption in Mexico. And a few others that I don’t want to name yet, but there’s more to it.”

Mow and Blockstream were the main architects behind El Salvador’s bitcoin bonds, which the Central American nation plans to use to fund a new “Bitcoin City.”

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