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According to InvestAnswers, High Polygon (MATIC) could skyrocket in 2022 and beyond

An analyst sets price targets in 2022 for a Layer 2 scalability solution that has already had a breakout year.
In a new strategy session, James Mullarney of the financial education YouTube channel InvestAnswers tells his 377,000 YouTube subscribers where to go Polygon (MATIC) in his opinion will leave after the project makes several large acquisitions.

“I’ve taken some of my new ones into account Ethereum [ETH] Price prediction models. I have taken the new EIP-1559-Burn into account [during the ETH’s London upgrade back in August].

I have taken the new ZK into account [zero-knowledge framework] Features and purchases that might help.

From this my new price predictions for 2022, my bear fall, that’s the low [$3.90], to my expected case, which for next year is $ 4.61, to my highest case of $ 6.31. These will be crucial for us to determine our exit plan. “
Source: InvestAnswers / YouTube
With a zero-knowledge proof, one party can prove the accuracy of information to a second party without disclosing the information itself. Cryptographers use the ZK method for more security and data protection.

Mullarney also talks about notable fundamentals that explain why he’s optimistic about MATIC over the long term.

“Polygon MATIC becomes Multichain. Uniswap is another one who will switch to Polygon because Uniswap has suffered from the gasoline charges and they have given an overwhelming vote to switch to Polygon. “

The Uniswap (UNI) community recently voted 98.87% to use Uniswap v3 over Polygon’s network.

Mullarney that Polygon has also made great strides in enhancing its repertoire of scaling technologies in the form of ZK rollups. According to the analyst, ZK rollups are very important as they bundle hundreds of off-chain transactions that are instantly verified on the main chain, resulting in a faster finalization.

Says Mullarney of Polygon’s recent acquisitions:

“Two of the acquisitions they have made: The first is Hermez [open-source ZK rollup for $250 million], and then recently bought them [ZK-proof startup] Mir protocol for $ 400 million to expand their Ethereum capacity.

Zoom out for a second, ZK rollups are clearly one thing … 2022 will be all about ZK rollups. “

At the time of writing, the price is for the day MATIC flat rate of 2.08 USD. The altcoin rose from $ 0.02 a year ago All time high from $ 2.70 in May.

The InvestAnswers predicts that Polygon could overtake others in terms of the size of its Ethereum competitors Market capitalization.

“Polygon is a beast. It’s currently at number 14. It’s bigger than Algorand and Chainlink

This could very easily be a top 10 crypto. “

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