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After 24% weekly winnings, SHIB is about to take a big step

                                                            <strong>Schlüsselunterstützungsstufe: 0,000030 $;  0,000034 $</strong>

Key Resistance Level:: $ 0.000038; $ 0.000047

SHIB has managed to exit the downtrend and the price is currently moving sideways. the resistance at $ 0.000038, SHIB has so far prevented it from rising higher. Current support is at $ 0.00034 and SHIB could continue to move sideways until a breakout occurs.
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Technical indicators

Trading Volume: Volume has increased since SHIB bounced off the $ 0.000030 support level. Interest in SHIB is growing, which is good news for bulls.

RSI: The RSI of the day couldn’t make a higher high on this final rally, but so far it’s hard to categorize this as a bearish move.

MACD: The daily MACD remains bullish, but the histogram has lost some of its momentum in the past few days. This is to be expected as SHIB consolidates under resistance. If the momentum continues to decline, it could Cryptocurrency retest key support.
After 24% weekly winnings, SHIB is about to take a big step, Crypto Trading NewsChart according to TradingView


The trend towards SHIB is bullish. Even if there is a pullback, it would likely be a healthy exercise before exploring higher levels.

Short term forecast for SHIB price

If SHIB manages to break the current resistance at $ 0.000038, the price may rise to $ 0.000047 which is the next major level to watch out for. If that fails, a pullback to the key support at USD 0.00034 is very likely before another attempt to move higher is made.


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