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After an 8% daily decrease, here is the next level, that for DOT. should be considered

                                                            <strong>Wichtige Unterstützungsstufen: $26</strong>

Key Resistance Level: $ 33

DOT had a fantastic rally last week when the price rose 40%. This week, however, the DOT rally ended when the resistance at USD 33 prevented the price from rising. Today the correction gone and the DOT has fallen below $ 30. The current support is at $ 26.
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Technical indicators

Trading Volume: Sustained volume during both the uptrend and the current downtrend. This shows that market participants have had a lot of interest in DOT lately.

RSI: The daily RSI made a higher high during the rally, which is a strong bullish signal. However, after being rejected at $ 33, the RSI will decrease. This can change quickly as soon as DOT finds support.

MACD: The daily MACD is bullish but the histogram hits lower highs at $ 33 after being rejected. This is not a concern as long as the moving averages do not create a bearish crossover.
After an 8% daily decrease, here is the next level, that for DOT.  should be considered, Crypto Trading NewsChart according to TradingView


The current DOT preload is neutral.

Short term forecast for DOT price

DOT recovered very well last week after falling for over 40 days. It is important that the price return to the uptrend after this correction, otherwise the high at USD 33 could be interpreted as a lower high within a larger downtrend.


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