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Alibaba vice president and billionaire Joe Tsai likes crypto

                                                            Die chinesische Regierung hat sich beim Crypto-Durchgreifen alle Mühe gegeben.  Trotzdem hat sich die Branche enorm weiterentwickelt und regt weiterhin die Fantasie vieler an.  Joe Tsai, der zufällig der stellvertretende Vorsitzende des chinesischen E-Commerce-Giganten Alibaba Group ist, teilt seine Gefühle auf Twitter in drei einfachen Worten mit: "Ich mag Crypto."

Tsai is optimistic about crypto

Joe Tsai’s latest comment on crypto caused a stir in the microblogging space. For the uninitiated, Tsai is a Taiwanese billionaire who also owns the National Basketball Association (NBA) Brooklyn Nets.

Interestingly, Kevin Durant, the Brooklyn Nets sniper, is a Coinbase investor. The NBA star and his company Thirty-Five Ventures recently entered into a strategic partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange.

In addition, this is not the first time Tsai has spoken for crypto. In an interview with Sportico’s Brendan Coffey in August, the manager spoke about media convergence, sports betting and crypto. His words were

“Media, sports betting, crypto – we’re seeing all of these things converge a little,” explained Tsai. “You can’t talk about sports betting these days without worrying about how it will affect your media rights. And maybe it will be interesting for the betting community to inject a little crypto. “

Alibabas Tryst with crypto

Despite Tsai’s recent comments on crypto, Alibaba has stayed away from the industry. In September of this year, the e-commerce giant announced that it would stop selling specialized mining equipment in response to the strict policies of the People’s Bank of China.

The company announced that it will cease operations of two categories – Blockchain Miner accessories and blockchain miners. Besides, everyone was Cryptocurrencies how Bitcoin, Ethereum, Quarkcoin and Litecoin prohibited on all platforms.

2021 can be described as a year in which the Chinese war on Bitcoin (BTC) and the broader cryptocurrency became severe. The crackdown on crypto mining and trading began in May and soon intensified. This was a crippling blow to the country’s ecosystem. Once a thriving mining scene, the new tightened policy has almost wiped out institutional mining of cryptocurrencies.

It is therefore not surprising that Alibaba’s rendezvous with crypto could at least be over for the time being. But the metaverse is a whole different dimension, and the country’s tech giants, including Alibaba, are keen to explore the possibilities. In fact, several companies have filed for trademark registrations related to the Metaverse.

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