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Alta Finance Launches Earn V2, Bringing Real Estate to Crypto

Lehi, USA, May 23, 2022 Chain Wire

Alta Finance (ALTA) announced the launch of its Earn Saving Protocol V2 to address the DeFi-To provide community real estate returns.

“We’re excited to release this major update to our native Earn lending protocol, which sets us on an incredible path of bringing real estate to the crypto community,” said Jeremy Crane, CEO and Founder of Alta Finance. “This product release will give the crypto community access to stable, long-term returns generated from innovative and exciting real estate investments while earning ALTA token rewards.”

Alta Finance is taking an innovative approach starting with its first product, Earn Lending Protocol, and the ALTA token. Crypto investors can use their Web3 wallets to lend crypto and earn bonus ALTA token rewards.

Airdrop from VNSMART Alta Finance Launches Earn V2, Bringing Real Estate to Crypto, Crypto Trading News

Alta Finance will use the funds lent through the Earn Protocol to purchase liquid real estate investments which will be placed in either the short-term, long-term or Dream Funds held in Alta Finance’s treasury. Detailed Alta Treasury holdings are published monthly in the NAV reports available for ALTA token holders to view. Earn will be available upon release on Ethereum and polygon-Networks, with more networks being rolled out over the next ninety (90) days.

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About Alta Finance

Alta Finance is committed to building ALTA, the token powering the future transition of $280 trillion in global real estate assets into Alta Finance’s treasury. Stable real estate returns once reserved for elite and wealthy individuals are now available to the average investor through the Alta Finance platform.



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