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Altcoin built on Ethereum suddenly explodes over 100% after major product launch

A crypto-asset hidden under the radar that is built on Ethereum is in the middle of an explosion after the altcoin project hits some major milestones.
Cratos (CRTS) is an ERC-20 token with a Market capitalization of less than $ 500 million and currently ranks as the 185 largest crypto asset.

CRTS is a utility token designed to facilitate citizen participation in the Cratos mobile app, a real-time, live voting platform where users can create voting topics based on their preferences and other users can vote.

Last week, Cratos launched the global version of its app after previously only being available in Korea.

According to the announcement, users can earn CRTS by registering, generating votes, commenting, or voting, among other things.

Market participants reacted positively to the launch of the Cratos app and sent CRTS to a new record high. CRTS was around $ 0.0035 before launch and started running until it got a new one three days later All time high of $ 0.0074 which is an increase of about 111%.

In the middle of the CRTS rally, the Asian crypto exchange MEXC, the Ethereum-based Altcoin, decided.

At the time of writing, CRTS is trading at $ 0.007, just 5% below its all-time high, and is up 234% last month, one of the biggest gains among the top 200 Cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization.
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