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Amazon is reportedly preparing a documentary on the collapse of FTX

At just about any boozy weekend get-together, you’re almost guaranteed to hear the answer, “Life is stranger than fiction,” after every weird story.

While this little joke is often overused, the FTX saga is one of the few times where usage of the phrase would be entirely accurate.

Addressed by insiders

Earlier this month, Variety reported that Hollywood executives were already interested in the FTX story and were looking for a spiritual successor to similar films that explore the failure of traditional finance, such as The Big Short. Two weeks later, Entertainment Journal received confirmation that a show about FTX’s demise is already in the works.

According to Jennifer Salke – the head of Amazon Studios – the FTX documentaries will be made with the help of well-known directors who have worked with Amazon in the past.

“We are delighted to be able to continue our great collaboration with David, Joe, Anthony and the AGBO team with this fascinating series of events. I can’t think of a better partner to bring this multi-faceted story to our global Prime Video audience.”

Fraud, mystery and financial misconduct

As Variety reports, Amazon has hired the Russo Brothers and David Weil to direct the film. David Weil will reportedly be in charge of writing and producing the pilot, while the Russo brothers – best known for their work on the Marvel Universe – will produce the rest of the series.

When asked for comment, the Russo brothers commented on the complexity of the FTX case and expressed an interest in releasing the details to the public.

“This is one of the most brazen scams ever committed. It spans many sectors – celebrity, politics, science, technology, crime, sex, drugs and the future of modern finance. At the center of it all sits a deeply mysterious figure with complex and potentially dangerous motives. We want to understand why.”

The show is currently planned as a docuseries that will be broadcast in 8 episodes. It is said to be based on “insider reporting” and will focus on the testimonies of journalists who covered the FTX implosion.

However, the exact subjects of the above coverage are still being kept secret – as is the name of the series itself.

The preparatory work is already underway, and production of the series is scheduled to start in spring 2023.

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