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An idle RPG blockchain game introduces an immersive anime-style experience

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Play-to-earn gaming is one of the hottest trends in the world Blockchain-Industry that is driving the growth of crypto and non-fungible tokens, and it’s easy to see why. Blockchain-based games form an exciting ecosystem with a unique game model that represents an innovative convergence of the physical world and the digital realm, in which players with crypto assets or NFTs Be amply rewarded by participating in games that they would likely play for free. It’s no wonder the play-to-earn games industry has considerable pull, with an estimated 1 billion online gamers and a thriving economy that posted sales of over $ 20 billion in 2020.

In the next few years, groundbreaking innovations will emerge from this industry. Mass adoption is ongoing and several projects are laying the groundwork for this gaming revolution.

Largest anime gameplay supported by Helios Entertainment

Luna Rush is an up and coming play-to-earn game based on the blockchain ecosystem that has incredible features and a unique model to provide an exciting gaming experience for players. The project is an idle NFT role-playing game designed to highlight the innovative aspects of P2E and blockchain technology.

Luna Rush was developed by one of the big names in the game development and publishing industry – Helios Entertainment. Luna is designed with a focus on engaging levels and engaging strategies, all of which are perfectly combined with a new anime theme. Every character embedded in the game has been programmed to liven up every game session with great details and a skill effect at the highest level. With a wide range of game modes to choose from, players can access various fascinating game levels for a robust gaming experience.

As blockchain technology gains prominence in the game dynamics that everyone wants to embrace, Luna Rush, while still in its infancy, is able to leverage this revolutionary technology to develop an open and decentralized economy and fully to establish that age-old conventional games could not achieve.

Luna Rush aims to build an inclusive GameFi marketplace where players can share NFTs and incredible in-game assets while interacting with other players. The project will expand its network from Binance Smart Chain according to Solana in 2022. Luna is also developing a unique farm-to-earn feature in Boss Hunting that allows players to earn huge amounts of money. The project will include a large 3D map of Luna World with 6000 digital countries that will be integrated with virtual reality for an upgrade to the growing metaverse. Landowners benefit from the tax on any reward generated on their land, among other benefits.

A new wind in NFT gaming

Luna Rush combines profitability, value and fun in an exceptional anime style so that players can enjoy the best of low cost entertainment while enjoying the game and exploring the Luna marketplace with unique non-fungible tokens and an immersive metaverse.

Specially curated to usher in a new wind in the NFT gaming ecosystem, Luna Rush features 11 warriors in the game, each with stunning skills. Players can reinforce and improve these warriors through levels and fusion. The merger requires players to surrender a warrior or two in order to increase the power of another. This is a fascinating mechanism that drives the inflation or controlled non-fungible tokens in its market. This mechanism will ensure sustainability and redefine this sphere of play.

Luna Rush is also geared towards moving the NFT gaming landscape further towards mainstream adoption and widespread use. The project gives users full control over their in-game assets and a variety of ways to explore the world of NFTs. Luna Rush is working to build a community of NFT lovers and P2E enthusiasts through extremely useful airdrop and bounty programs. The project will organize several community events and engagement campaigns that will advance the gaming landscape.

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