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As Bitcoin fell back to $ 48,000, Fantom climbed 17%, ALMOST 32% in height

                                                            Der psychologische und technische Widerstand bei 50.000 US-Dollar hat sich für Bitcoin als zu hart erwiesen, um ihn erneut zu überwinden.  Die Cryptowährung zieht sich derzeit in Richtung 48.000 USD zurück, aber viele Altcoins sind völlig unbeeindruckt und verzeichnen sogar neue Höchststände.

Bitcoin retracing towards $ 48K

Yesterday the price of BTC was on its way towards USD 50,000. It hit a high of $ 49,600 and could not rise any further. Today, however, the picture is very different.

At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at $ 48,350, down 1.8% over the past 24 hours.
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So far, the USD 48,000 level appears to have held up. It’s also worth noting that total market cap hasn’t dropped that much. It was down about $ 5 billion on the last day, which means altcoins are making up the difference.

Some altcoins party

The rest of the market is tinted both green and red as some altcoins posted serious gains while others failed to hold their own.

As Bitcoin fell back to $ 48,000, Fantom climbed 17%, ALMOST 32% in height, Crypto Trading NewsCryptocurrency heat map. Quantify Crypto
Ethereum, for example, couldn’t stay above $ 4000 and is down 2.5% towards $ 3,900. AVAX is also down about 3%, as is Solana (SOL).

On the flip side, however, NEAR Protocol rose a whopping 33%, hitting a new one at $ 13.35 All time high. Fantom’s FTM is also up 17%, trading at around $ 1.8.

Overall, these are the two biggest winners in terms of 24-hour ROI, followed by Aave with 14.2%, Sushi with 13.2% and SPELL with 9.5%.

On the other hand, BCHA continues to decline and is again the coin that lost the most on the last day. It’s down 11.3% and is trading at $ 77. LUNA owns 9.9% compared to 24 hours ago, but remains up 40% in the last week.


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