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At Northern Lightning 2023, Norway may offer the wildest bitcoin experience yet

With less than 0.07% of the world’s population, Norwegians produce almost 3% of Bitcoin’s global hash rate, thanks largely to cheap, stranded and renewable hydroelectric power in the north.

And now Norway is hosting the world’s “most bitcoin experience” (sic): Northern Lightning 2023.

Northern Lightning 2023 is taking place in Bergen, Norway on March 17-19, and the Norwegians are trying their best it seems.

Everything is designed for and by bitcoiners, from the keynotes to the food, the parties and the merchandise. Merch will of course be limited to 21 numbered copies. Our vision is to create an annual intimate experience that brings bitcoin to a new Nordic city each year until hyperbitcoinization is reached and beyond.

At Northern Lightning 2023, Norway may offer the wildest bitcoin experience yet, Crypto Trading News
</figure><p>Diese erste Ausgabe wird eine dreitägige Bitcoin-Konferenz in einem historischen Rahmen zwischen der dramatischen Landschaft und den hölzernen Häfen von Bergen sein, die von den größten Köpfen in Bitcoin geleitet wird, mit der Möglichkeit, Hunderte von No-Coinern auf einer riesigen Party zu vernichten das Lightning-Netzwerk.

Hodlonaut, Knut Svanholm and Peter Todd are flat some of the big bitcoiners that will joincovering topics such as monetary liberation, Bitcoin adoption, and Lightning innovation.

Focused on bringing bitcoiners together and creating deep connections with minimal stage staring, Northern Lightning also aims to deliver the purest signal anywhere. Even the DJs are Bitcoiners.

A rave running on lightning?

Also the DJs? Yes.

The culmination of Northern Lightning will be one of the largest AFK bitcoin onboarding events in the world: a nightly rave featuring hundreds of no-coiners, all using Lightning.

Led by Norway’s leading electronics artists including Karolinski, Matiago, Klysterik, Antibakke and Trym Søvdsnes, it will be a unique orange pilling opportunity.

Such a good line-up would fill any venue. So what happens when 400 thirsty no-coiners meet 200 bitcoiners and they all have to use Lightning to buy a beer?

At Northern Lightning 2023, Norway may offer the wildest bitcoin experience yet, Crypto Trading News
</figure><p>Mit dem Ziel, ein unvergessliches, reales Erlebnis von Bitcoin für alle zu schaffen, ist ein Rave, der jedes Jahr auf Lightning läuft, ein perfekter Start.  Partygänger haben die Möglichkeit, Lightning beim Kauf von Getränken, beim Mieten von Handtüchern oder beim Kauf von Merchandising-Artikeln zu verwenden und beim Onboarding sogar Bitcoin gegen Bargeld zu kaufen.

It’s all designed to offer a little less conversation, a little more bitcoin action.

And as for the venue, Smien Laksevåg Verft is Bergen’s oldest shipping pier, recently converted into a nightclub that leads directly to the fjord and offers free welcome drinks, as well as sauna use and a nightly barbecue.

Not just for adults

Talk of raves might not appeal to more family-oriented folks, but Northern Lightning 2023 has you and your little ones covered too.

my own daughter Lykushka (who is nine) organizes the Children’s Corner and the Workshop, a space to educate young minds about Bitcoin while having a lot of fun. I love it when my kids make friends with other bitcoiners’ kids, they’re usually brilliant too.

Whether the event will keep mom and dad more or less insane remains to be seen, but they’ll be welcomed to the Northern Lightning until 10pm each day.

Almost sold out

Northern Lightning is less than two weeks away and passes are selling out fast.

The main conference pass, including access to keynotes, workshops, dinners, meetings and parties, will sell out this weekend. Only limited passes are available after that, but the limited passes are pretty awesome and you shouldn’t miss them.

Bitcoin Magazine is sending a crew to cover Northern Lightning 2023. Join us in Bergen.

This is a guest post by Erik Dale. The opinions expressed are solely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.

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