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Bakkt Holdings provides cryptocurrency services to Manasquan Bank’s customers

                                                            Die in New Jersey ansässige Manasquan Bank wird am Early-Adopter-Programm von Bakkt Holdings teilnehmen.  Wenn es wirksam ist, ermöglicht es den Kunden des Finanzinstituts, Cryptowährungen zu kaufen, zu verkaufen und zu halten.

Bakkt Inks Another partnership

According to a recent press release, Bakkt’s project is expected to start in the second quarter of 2022. Initially, the platform will provide an entry point for the introduction of cryptocurrencies only for private customers of Manasquan Bank. When the early adopter program takes effect, these users will be able to Bitcoin and buy, sell and hold alternative coins through the bank’s mobile application.

Sheela Zemlin – Bakkt’s Chief Revenue Officer – described the opportunity her company offers Manasquan Bank clients as “incredible”. She predicted that cryptocurrencies would be the center of the Web3 economy, where people could share in new value and exchange digital assets.

“Bakkt prides itself on opening new and innovative avenues for this emerging economy that provide a way to buy, sell and hold crypto as an extension of the consumer’s relationship with their trusted local bank,” concluded the executive.

James Vaccaro – President and CEO of Manasquan Bank – said his company is focused on driving growth and introducing new features for clients to enter the digital finance world. He explained that the collaboration with Bakkt comes at a time when customers have been looking for ways to get into the cryptocurrency space.

Bakkt Holdings is one of the leading digital asset platforms. The company joined Coinbase two months ago and listed its shares on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It started trading under the ticker symbols BKKT and BKKT WS.

The partnerships with Google and Mastercard

At the beginning of October, Bakkt expanded its payment options in cryptocurrency by collaborating with Google. The initiative allowed users to add their Bakkt Visa debit card and conduct transactions using digital assets wherever Google Pay is accepted.

The crypto company would also use Google Cloud as its preferred cloud provider to market its services to leading U.S. retailers and distributors.

Soon after, Bakkt was partnering with Mastercard when the latter revealed plans to incorporate digital assets into many of its products and commissioned Bakkt to do so. At the same time, the cryptocurrency provider partnered with Fiserv, and the idea was identical to the one above.

Interestingly, the news had a dramatic impact on Bakkt stock prices. They rose from $ 11.5 to a daily high of $ 42.5, an increase of 270% in a single trading day.


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