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Belgium wants to ban all gambling ads

BRUSSELS: The Belgian government has decided to ban gambling advertising on several platforms from July 1 in a bid to tackle addiction and debt. Another ban from Advertising in stadiums and sports sponsorship comes at a later date.

“The Government is deeply concerned about the impact of the massive amounts of gambling advertising our society is facing,” Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne said in a statement.

“And for those looking to break their gambling addiction, the tsunami of gambling advertising is an added concern.”

Gambling advertising will be banned from television, radio, cinemas, magazines, newspapers and in public spaces. Online advertising on websites and social media will also be banned.

From January 1st, 2025 there will be another advertising ban in stadiums and from January 1st, 2028 gambling companies will no longer be allowed to sponsor professional sports clubs such as football teams.

The government argued that the ban follows scientific research showing advertising promotes gambling addiction and contributes to gambling-related debt.

As part of the new regulation, sponsorship expenses for gaming companies are no longer tax-deductible.

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