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BetFury Casino launches new in-house game – Space Dice

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Space battles with aliens continue. Mr. Fury directed a starship ring to a nearby small planet to replenish resources. After landing, we started looking for necessary materials and came across an amazing artifact. It was a huge cube with numbers shimmering in different colors! The inhabitant of the planet, running nearby, said that this is a magic cube that gives incredible power and luck. We realized that this is exactly what we need for battles.

Meet a new in-house game Space Dice – the sequel to the legendary Dice at BetFury Crypto Casino, but with a cosmic style!

This is what awaits you in this article

How to win:

  • Choose a range from 0 to 9999 and place a bet
  • If the number dropped is from the selected number range, you are the winner
  • A larger range gives greater chances of winning
  • The lower area brings larger awards

Space Dice Settings:

IN – includes the digits in the selected range, OUT – includes the digits outside the selected range.

Min – minimum chance of winning with maximum payout, Max – maximum chance of winning with minimum payout

+5 increases chance of winning by 5%,
-5 reduces chance of winning by 5%

In addition, you can use all in-house settings to make your game as comfortable as possible: quick mode, autoplay, hotkeys and animation on/off. You can also try Autopick – selecting the area automatically and randomly.

Hit the space jackpot

  • The lucky combination contains the sequence of numbers with special digits four times in a row, regardless of the outcome of the bet 1 time any 4-digit number starting with 7 – 7xxx (from 7000 to 7999), 3 times any 4-digit number starting with 77 – 77xx, 77xx , 77xx (from 7700 to 7799)
  • Example of a winning streak: 7456, 7789, 7723, 7777
  • However, the order of these numbers does not matter
  • The jackpot win percentage depends on the lowest bet amount

Participate in dice activities on BetFury for rewards

$10,000 Space Dice Battle

  1. – June 26th
  • Play Space Dice in battle against others
  • 200 winners will share a $10,000 prize pool
  • The price is in BFG and USDT paid off

Instagram Challenge – 10 000 BFG

  1. – June 28th
  • Follow BetFury on Instagram, like and tag 2 friends
  • Comment how much crypto you win in New Space Dice game
  • 2 winners will receive 5,000 BFG each!

Twitter Giveaway – 20,000 BFG

  1. – June 28th
  • Like and retweet posts about Space Dice on Twitter
  • Comment with the dice emoji
  • There will only be 1 winner

Telegram Chat Tips – 5 000 BFG

Start: June 23, 12:00 UTC

  • Send cube emoji to Telegram chat
  • The first 10 users to get 5 on top of the cube will get the reward
  • 10 winners will each receive 500 BFG!

About BetFury

BetFury is an iGaming platform with homegrown games, great features, free-to-play concept, valuable products, native BFG token and remarkable partners.

Within two years of its launch, the young but ambitious project has made a significant breakthrough in the i-Gaming industry and built a solid reputation. The number of users is growing rapidly and now exceeds one million.

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