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Big move for a low-cap altcoin as bitcoin positions for a rally: top crypto analyst

A popular crypto strategist and trader names an altcoin that is about to rise and predicts that Bitcoin prepared for a rally.
The pseudonymous crypto analyst Pentoshi tells his 425,000 Twitter followers that he is closely monitoring the XYO Network (XYO), one Blockchainthat allows users to mine tokens while recording records containing location and geographic information associated with their smartphones.

According to the crypto strategist, XYO threatens to be a decisive one resistance overcome and ignite a potential surge of over 70% from its current price of $ 0.035.

“XYO on my watch list.

The number 3 on Coinbase is a great sign.

Looking for S / R (Resistance to Support) flip for a clean start.

The volume makes me believe that a major move is imminent, but I have to be careful with the entries so that I have to pay a little for confirmation. “
Source: Pentoshi / Twitter
As for Bitcoin (BTC), the crypto strategist says that the leading Cryptocurrency has likely hit a local low and is now preparing for an upturn.

According to Pentoshi, the current bearish sentiment will force retailers to jump into Bitcoin as soon as BTC rises higher.

“BTC update: squiggle line does its job. Caught a few small fish in the net. Life is good.

Plebs sell in absorption.

Imagine if you weren’t bearish from $ 60,000 to this point and then you flip over [bearish] in areas of need. Liquidity prevents the price from moving. The price did it. When the population realizes that they have gone short, they become buyers as the price forces them to act. “
Big move for a low-cap altcoin as bitcoin positions for a rally: top crypto analyst, Crypto Trading NewsSource: Pentoshi / Twitter
Pentoshi adds that BTC’s false break below the $ 46,000 support will enable the crypto king to liquidate shorts, driving prices to around $ 53,000.

“Big bids with little effort / conviction from the seller side = seller side on the sidelines.

Breakdown + reclaim what we get back to grab the above liquidity.

BTC set this up to squeeze it in. “
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