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Binance Leads PoR Efforts, Bitcoin’s Struggle Above $16,000 and Trying Crypto Market Recovery: This Week’s Roundup

                                                            Die vergangene Woche war für den gesamten Cryptowährungsmarkt etwas positiv, sowohl in Bezug auf die Preisgestaltung als auch auf die Gesamtentwicklung.  Während sich die Kernschmelze von FTX über der Branche abzeichnet und die meisten Marktteilnehmer immer noch Angst vor einer Ansteckung haben, stieg die Gesamtkapitalisierung angesichts der laufenden Entwicklungen um über 10 Milliarden US-Dollar.

First things first: this week’s overall increase is not up Bitcoin which actually fell by around 1% over the period. the cryptocurrency attempted a push towards $17,000 but was quickly stopped and dropped to where it is currently trading around $16,500.

Meanwhile, BNB is up a whopping 12% over the same period. It is now trading solidly around the crucial $300 level, inspiring confidence in the market. This is happening as Binance – the world’s leading exchange – recently rolled out a system for cryptographic proof of reserves. The team initially only worked with Bitcoin and promised to add more cryptocurrencies in the coming weeks. This is a big step as now anyone can check their BTC balance on the exchange via a Merkle tree.

Another cryptocurrency that has impressed in the last 7 days was Litecoin. LTC is up a massive 22% and is the market leader, at least among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by total market cap. One of the reasons put forward is the upcoming halving which is estimated to take place in about 8 months and the accumulation of large players in advance.

Meanwhile, more news also came from the Binance front — the company’s Industry Recovery Fund was launched with a massive $1 billion to support projects that were struggling with liquidity amid the FTX falls.

All in all, the week has been quite an eventful one and while fears of possible contagion from recent events linger, it seems steps are being taken in the right direction.

It’s interesting to see how the next few days will play out, especially as we approach the holiday season.

market data

market capitalization: $868 billion | 24H Band: 45B | BTC dominance: 36.6%

Bitcoin: $16,542 (-1%) | ETH: $1,192 (-0.8%) | BNB: $301 (+12%)

Binance Leads PoR Efforts, Bitcoin’s Struggle Above $16,000 and Trying Crypto Market Recovery: This Week’s Roundup, Crypto Trading News

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