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Binance US will bid again for Voyager assets

As FTX will be unable to honor its commitment to purchase Voyager and its assets, Binance US will return to the table, Changpeng Zhao said.

He also reiterated a previous statement that despite its appearance, Binance is not a Chinese company.

Binance US wants to bid again for Voyager

The cryptocurrency winter that began earlier this year and was greatly exacerbated by the collapse of Terra, caused a slew of trouble for several industry companies, some of which, including Voyager, have filed for bankruptcy.

In search of at least a partial solution for its customers, the distressed crypto lender auctioned off its assets. The two favorites for the bid were the two US affiliates of FTX and Binance, and the American branch of the former won.

Given what happened to FTX, Alameda Research and FTX US, the exchange once run by SBF had to pull the deal. However, Binance will resume its offering for Voyager, according to to the CEO of the company – CZ.

After blaming FTX for rumors that Binance US was facing security issues, the manager claimed that his exchange had acquired “several companies” in the US with no regulatory issues. As such, it plans to “put in another bid for Voyager now that FTX is no longer able to honor its commitment.”

Binance will aim for that to lift $1 billion to buy assets from Voyager and other struggling crypto firms, CZ added.

Separately, the Binance CEO reiterated that the exchange is not a Chinese company and he feels he has to keep repeating that “just because I look Chinese.”

FTX got too big

Discussing the spectacular FTX collapse and Binance’s role in it, CZ said he takes some of the blame as it took too long to tweet the statement that pushed the first domino. Recall that Zhao said Binance plans to sell its entire stack of FTT tokens after it was revealed that Alameda and FTX were overly exposed.

“I think as an industry we allowed FTX to get too big before we started questioning some of those things.” – CZ written down.

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