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BinaryX releases trailer and opens beta test for futuristic space game project Matthew

Singapore, Singapore, March 13, 2023, Chain Wire

BinaryX today announced the upcoming release of a space construction simulation game, Project Matthew. The team has just released the trailer video that gives a first look at the game and is also opening up registration for the upcoming closed beta test.

Introducing Project Matthew: The exciting new space building game
Project Matthew is an upcoming space construction simulation game that is developed and published by developer BinaryX.

The game takes place in outer space where players have taken dominion over a distant land called Matthew. The goal of the game is for players to build their own alien cities by setting up industrial production lines that produce resources for further development.

develop a city
The adventure begins with players having a NFT-Get a blueprint to found your city. Players can build different types of helper robots that contribute different abilities to loot, fight or explore new areas to develop the city.

Lead a virtual army
Players can recruit a robot army with different skills and abilities and challenge enemies on the battlefield to earn massive rewards. The battlefield is divided into different levels of difficulty. The harder the level, the greater the rewards.

Explore space
Exploration is one of the main ways to get rewards and resources in Project Matthew. The gameplay offers a collection of neighboring and distant planets waiting to be explored.

“Project Matthew is our biggest project for the first half of 2023. We wanted to bring new game genres to the BinaryX ecosystem and this game is the first simulation game we will have on our platform. We want our players to immerse themselves in space as landowners and explorers. We are very excited to welcome a whole new group of space enthusiasts and simulation gamers to our growing community,” said Rudy S., BinaryX’s Global Head of Business Operations and Development.

Check out the official trailer:

Closed beta testing open for registration

BinaryX launches Project Matthew with a closed beta test. Registration starts on March 13 at 21:00 UTC+8 and ends on March 20 at 18:00 UTC+8.

The closed beta test will only be available to Windows users, with more details to be announced on their registration page and social media channels.

Sign up for the closed beta test here.

About BinaryX
BinaryX is the GameFi platform behind play-to-earn games CyberDragon and CyberChess, both running on the BNB chain.

BinaryX started out as a decentralized trading system for derivatives. The team gradually evolved towards developing decentralized video games and is now a GameFi platform offering IGO services to connect Web2 developers with Web3.

As one of the top 10 projects on the BNB, ChainBinaryX has a huge community of more than 100,000 coin holders and 17,000 monthly active wallets. It is also one of the largest Metaverse projects by trading volume on the BNB chain with one market capitalization of more than 200 million. BinaryX also has a token, $BNX, which has consistently performed strongly despite the bear market.

For more details and information on BinaryX, visit

About BinaryX Deck

Find us on social media: BinaryX | Twitter | discord | Telegram | Youtube | Middle


Head of Communications, Kora K., BinaryX, [email protected]

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