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BitCard® and Blackhawk Network (BHN) offer Bitcoin gift cards at select US retailers

Paoli, USA, March 1, 2023, Chain Wire

BitCard® has announced a new partnership with Blackhawk Network (BHN), one of the world’s leading providers of branded payment technology. Through this groundbreaking relationship, BitCard® will be his Bitcoin-Offer a gift card at select US retailers across BHN’s vast network of retailers and B2B channels.

This relationship marks an important milestone for BitCard® and BHN. BitCard® introduces one of the first Bitcoin products to BHN’s network, while BHN increases BitCard®’s visibility to encourage further access to Bitcoin. Additionally, this relationship will diversify offerings and allow retailers, card rewards, airlines, loyalty businesses and many others within the BHN network to purchase BitCards® and offer them to their customers as part of their existing merchandise, benefits or rewards programs.

“We are excited about the partnership with BitCard® and offer its counter cryptocurrency redeemable gift cards in our portfolio at. This is an exciting move for Blackhawk in the world of crypto, and we’re excited to offer our vast network a new and innovative gift card option. We look forward to the positive impact this partnership will have on our industry.” – Steve Dekker, Managing Director, Americas, Blackhawk Network

The BitCard® launch is expected to go live in the coming days and both companies are excited to see the positive impact of this offering.

BitCard®, developed by Bitcoin Solutions Inc, is dedicated to making Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies easily accessible for consumers. It aims to become the most accessible, interoperable way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“We are excited to be partnering with Blackhawk. The BitCard® launch will provide BHN partners with another leading gift card option while providing end users with easy access to Bitcoin and crypto – in some cases for the first time,” said Ed Gieske, CEO of Bitcoin Solutions Inc.

About Blackhawk Network (BHN)

Blackhawk Network (BHN) provides payment solutions through prepaid products, technology and networks that connect brands and people. We work with our partners to innovate and translate market trends into branded payments to increase reach, loyalty and revenue. We reliably implement safety-oriented solutions worldwide. Shape the future of global branded payments with us. Learn more at

About BitCard®

BitCard® (Bitcoin Solutions Inc) is a technology company that aims to simplify the purchase of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. BitCard® is the most accessible, interoperable way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies securely and reliably. The BitCard® offering also supports loyalty rewards, points and incentive programs. We provide clients with access to custody, compliance, money processing and gift card issuance to support new partners.

For partnership inquiries please contact [email protected]


CEO, Edward Gieske III, Bitcoin Solutions Inc, [email protected]1-833-424-8264

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