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Bitcoin at $ 50,000, ETH tests $ 4,000 again, MATIC rises 7%

                                                            Nachdem Bitcoin sich an diesem Wochenende 52.000 USD näherte, hat es etwas an Boden verloren, steht aber immer noch um die begehrte 50.000-Dollar-Marke.  Die Altcoins sind untypisch ruhig, mit ETH nahe bei 4.000 USD.  Im Gegensatz dazu ist MATIC im Tagesvergleich um mehr als 6% gestiegen.

Bitcoin down to $ 50,000

Just a few days before Christmas was the primary one Cryptocurrency down to $ 48,000 after failing to beat $ 50,000. However, it was at this point that the cops came in and pushed the asset north.

In the hours that followed, Bitcoin quickly began to appreciate in value, surpassing its round nemesis. Additionally, BTC continued to rise, nearing $ 52,000 on Saturday. This became the highest price line in over two weeks.

However, the upward trend could not continue and gradually began to decline in value. It fell below $ 50,000 this morning and is now back at that level. As a result, the Market capitalization of BTC just under $ 950 billion.
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Old stable: MATIC pumps 6%

Ethereum struggled below $ 3,800 before the holidays but surged above $ 4,100 during the market rally. Now, however, the second largest cryptocurrency has declined slightly, trading at just over $ 4,000.

Binance Coin is also down around 1% to $ 540. The majority of large-cap alts are pretty stable too. Solana, Cardano, Terra and Polkadot lie slightly in the green while Ripple, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu lost marginal profits.

Avalanche lost the most in one day (-4.5%), dropping to $ 110. In contrast, MATIC is up more than 6% and is trading above $ 2.7.

More profits come from Cosmos (12%), Curve DAO Token (10%), Audius (8%), and Fantom (8%).
The crypto market cap has dropped roughly $ 30 billion to $ 2,350 trillion.
Bitcoin at $ 50,000, ETH tests $ 4,000 again, MATIC rises 7%, Crypto Trading NewsOverview of the cryptocurrency market. Quantify Crypto.

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