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Bitcoin is a technological phenomenon

                                                            Cuy Sheffield – Leiter der Crypto-Abteilung bei Visa – erklärte, dass sein Unternehmen seinen Kunden weiterhin Cryptowährungsdienste anbieten wird.  Der Topmanager beschrieb Bitcoin und die Altcoins als „technologisches Phänomen“, während viele Benutzer des Unternehmens sie als „Zukunft des Geldes“ betrachten.

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Visa and crypto will go side by side

In a recent interview for Indian media, NDTV, Visa crypto chief Cuy Sheffield showed his positive stance and outlined his company’s intentions to continue offering digital asset opportunities. More specifically, the company will enable its customers to share their Cryptocurrencies to buy or cash out, deploy new infrastructure features and services, and emerging NFT-Sector support.

Earlier this month, the payment processor giant launched a consulting practice in hopes of helping its customers get a proper understanding of the cryptocurrency world. When asked if Visa could extend this facility to India’s borders, Sheffield stated that the company will reach every country depending on local regulations:

“Visa aims to provide our crypto advisory services to customers worldwide wherever there is interest, and we currently offer services in markets where regulations allow such transactions.”

It’s worth noting that the second most populous nation in the crypto industry could potentially impose tough rules in the future.
Cuy Sheffield,

“Bitcoin is a technological phenomenon”

Sheffield also outlined the virtues of Bitcoin and some altcoins, which are “at the intersection of trade and culture, and in a fascinating way”. He added that they are not only a “technological phenomenon” but are deeply cultural.

A few months ago, Visa CEO Alfred Kelly also revealed he’s a supporter of the industry by referring to Bitcoin and some other crypto assets as “digital gold”.

While some of Visa’s customers have been skeptical in the past, a large number now believe they will be part of the future financial system, Sheffield said:

“At Visa, the scope and scope of our work in the crypto space has grown dramatically … Over the past few years we’ve also seen our customers’ views on crypto evolve, from skepticism to awareness to understanding that crypto is likely existing business will have an impact in some way. “

NFTs are also the future

Subsequently, the crypto boss at Visa said that non-fungible tokens are another “exciting aspect of the crypto ecosystem”. He predicted that they could play a role in the future of retail, social media, entertainment, and commerce. However, people should understand what it takes to interact with digital collectibles before jumping on the bandwagon.

Last month, Sheffield said that prior to the existence of NFTs, the cryptocurrency space was mostly attractive to people interested in finance and gold. Thanks to non-fungible tokens, the asset class is now also popular with music, culture, sports and art fans, he emphasized.

In closing, the head of Visa stated that NFTs could also boost small and medium-sized businesses in “strong new ways” by enabling these companies to use public blockchains to produce digital goods.


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