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Bitcoin is not a good competitor to gold

                                                            In einem kürzlichen Interview mit der Economic Times erkannte der milliardenschwere Investor und Gründer von Bridgewater Associates, Ray Dalio, das Potenzial digitaler Vermögenswerte, insbesondere von Bitcoin, an und betonte ihre beeindruckende Leistung in den letzten zehn Jahren.

Dalio: Bitcoin still has unresolved issues

The 72-year-old American investor also pointed out that Bitcoin’s limited supply makes it similar to other widely accepted inflation hedges like gold.

However, he does not see central banks adopting bitcoin as a reserve asset due to several issues such as privacy and prohibition in some countries.

“Nevertheless, there are problems with them. Transactions can be tracked, so privacy is an issue. They can be controlled, they can be shut down, they can be made illegal, which comes into play at a time when they can pose a threat to alternative currency. So I don’t think they are held as central bank reserves for various reasons,” he said.
Bitcoin is not a good competitor to gold, Crypto Trading NewsRay Dalio. Yahoo

Not a good competitor against gold

While Dalio believes investors should invest in digital assets like bitcoin in their portfolio should have, he found that gold is a better hedge against inflation suitable is.

He also argued that Bitcoin’s overall market value is less than Microsoft’s, making it less desirable for storing wealth compared to gold.

However, the billionaire expressed optimism about the growth of the crypto industry over the next 10 years.

“I think the environment we are in is one where there is a risk of political seizure or other forms of seizure. I think gold is doing a better job, but like I said, we’re in this new environment and it could NFTs and contain all sorts of things. It’s a competitor, but I don’t think it’s a very good competitor in terms of its qualities… But we’ll find out those things. It will evolve over the next 5 to 10 years,” said Dalio.

The need for diversification

The billionaire investor pointed out that the changing global economic environment would make it advisable for investors to diversify their investment portfolios. He commented that every investor should have crypto, gold and other traditional assets in their portfolio to fortify them against raging inflation.

“I think it’s a mistake for everyone to only have one, like picking a digital currency and not having gold, or only having gold and not having digital currency.”

Earlier this year, Dalio argued that people cryptocurrencies paying too much attention after admitting that Bitcoin has stood the test of time over its 13 years of existence.

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