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Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine launches first print edition

Eastern Europe will soon be its first printed publication from the Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine that aims to enable freedom through bitcoin.

Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine, the authoritative source of news, expert opinion and various information about the industry in Ukraine, has announced the release of its first printed publication “Bitcoin. Freedom. Ukraine” announced.

This first edition will focus solely on Bitcoin and its decentralized technology, giving Ukrainians a chance to really delve down the Bitcoin rabbit hole. In addition, there will be a unique rating of Bitcoin owners in Ukraine, which will include both well-known figures and completely non-public Ukrainians.

“This number is the first call, a challenge, a provocation and an attempt to reach out to the reader to evoke an intellectual and cultural protest against the current fiat system,” said Victoria Zaichenko, editor of Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine.

Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine launches first print edition, Crypto Trading News
</figure><p>Das Magazin organisiert außerdem die „Follow Bitcoin“-Konferenz am 17. Februar 2023 in Kiew, um die Printausgabe vorzustellen.  Die Veranstaltung wird hochkarätige Redner umfassen, darunter Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer bei der Human Rights Foundation;  Peter Todd, einer der ursprünglichen Entwickler von Bitcoin Core, und Mike Germano, Präsident des Bitcoin Magazine. 

Bitcoin Magazine Ukraine was established as a brand in November 2021 and began publishing online in Summer 2022. It has quickly become the number one source of information about the Bitcoin industry in Ukraine, with its articles being read by Ukrainians in over 80 countries worldwide. The NGO Human Rights Foundation also recognized their efforts and provided the publication with a $25,000 grant for the development of the Bitcoin community in Ukraine.

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