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Bitcoin Rejected at $30,000, TRON and Polkadot Spike 4% (Weekend Watch)

                                                            Nach dem gestrigen kurzen Preisanstieg auf 31.000 $ geriet Bitcoin ins Stocken und ging auf unter 30.000 $ zurück.  Die meisten Altcoins sind heute ebenfalls leicht im Minus, mit Ausnahme von TRON und Polkadot, die beide um rund 4 % gestiegen sind.

Bitcoin failed at $31,000

No other word can better explain what happened last week than “massacre”. Bitcoin stood at almost $40,000 on May 5 before the bears took complete control of the market and pushed it sharply south.

First, BTC lost $4,000 in one day before negative market sentiment took it to $33,000 and later to $30,000. However, May 12 proved to be the heaviest day during this crash as Bitcoin plummeted to $25,300 (on Bitstamp), becoming its lowest price since late December 2020.

At this point, however, the cops recalled their presence and drove the cryptocurrency North. In just one day, the asset rallied about $6,000 and rose to $31,000. Despite this, it failed to break this level twice and has since declined by almost $2,000.

As a result, the market capitalization BTC has declined on a daily basis and is just above $550 billion.

our recommendation Bitcoin Rejected at $30,000, TRON and Polkadot Spike 4% (Weekend Watch), Crypto Trading News

Bitcoin Rejected at $30,000, TRON and Polkadot Spike 4% (Weekend Watch), Crypto Trading NewsBTCUSD. TradingView

TRX and DOT record more wins

Alternative coins have experienced a similar, if not more violent, roller coaster ride over the past ten days. Ethereum was near $3,000 before plunging to a multi-month low of $1,700. However, the second largest crypto reacted well, touching $2,100 yesterday. Although ETH has retreated slightly since then, it is still above $2,000 at the moment.

Binance Coin fell to around $230, touched $300 yesterday and is now trading just below $290 after a minor daily decline.

While RippleDogecoin, Shiba Inu and Litecoin are also slightly in the red Cardano and Avalanche are both down more than 7% in one day.

TRON and Polkadot are among the very few coins in the green with price increases of around 4% each.

The crypto market cap is around $1.250 trillion, meaning it’s up $140 billion since the May 12 bottom. However, over the past ten days, the metric is down $600 billion.
Bitcoin Rejected at $30,000, TRON and Polkadot Spike 4% (Weekend Watch), Crypto Trading NewsOverview of the cryptocurrency market. Quantify Crypto

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