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Bitcoin stalls below $30,000, Polkadot recovers another 7% (Weekend Watch)

                                                            Bitcoin hat sich nach der jüngsten massiven Volatilität, die den Vermögenswert um fünf Stellen nach unten brachte, knapp unter und um die 30.000-Dollar-Marke beruhigt.  Die meisten Altcoins stagnieren auch im Tagesverlauf ziemlich, mit wenigen Ausnahmen wie Polkadot, Bitcoin Cash und Monero.

Bitcoin is still below $30,000

The past ten days have been nothing short of a volatile rollercoaster ride for Bitcoin and the rest of the market. The top digital asset was near $40,000 before collapsing $4,000 in one day. It continued to decline over the next few days, struggling to stay above $30,000 through May 11th.

However, it seemed almost inevitable that it would fall below this level and it did on May 12th. At that point, BTC collapsed nearly $5,000 to its lowest price level since December 2020 at $25,300 (on Bitstamp).

After that drop of $15,000 in about a week, it responded well and rallied around $6,000 in one day, briefly reaching $31,000. Still, it failed there, falling back below the $30,000 mark where it currently sits. That’s it market capitalization at just over $550 billion.
Bitcoin stalls below $30,000, Polkadot recovers another 7% (Weekend Watch), Crypto Trading NewsBTCUSD. TradingView

Altcoins stagnate, DOT rises

The altcoins have gone through something very similar to Bitcoin. Ethereum was trading at $3,000 in early May but fell on the heaviest day of the correction to a multi-month low of $1,700. It bounced off at that point and recaptured the $2,000 line days later.

our recommendation Bitcoin stalls below $30,000, Polkadot recovers another 7% (Weekend Watch), Crypto Trading News

Binance Coin is now close to $300 after falling to $230 days ago. On a daily basis, however, most large-cap alternatives are slightly down. RippleCardano, SolanaPolkadot, TRON and Shiba Inu have fallen by up to 4%.

Polkadot and Avalanche are the only two with notable award winners. AVAX is up 3%, while DOT is up more than 7% and is trading north of $11.

Of the lower and mid-cap alternatives, Bitcoin Cash and Monero have gained the most — between 5% and 7%.

The crypto market cap has remained relatively sluggish for the past two days and now stands at $1.250 trillion.
Bitcoin stalls below $30,000, Polkadot recovers another 7% (Weekend Watch), Crypto Trading NewsOverview of the cryptocurrency market. Quantify Crypto

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