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Bitcoin Stocking Stuffers? Cash app introduces BTC gift function for the holidays

Vacation shoppers now have the opportunity to share their friends and family a little Bitcoin (BTC) To give away.
Cash App has introduced a new gift feature for Bitcoin and stocks, according to an announcement on Twitter.

Says the mobile payment service,

“With Cash App, you can send in shares or Bitcoin from as little as USD 1. It’s as simple as sending cash, and you don’t have to own stocks or bitcoin to give it away.

So forget the scented candles or the new beach towel this Christmas season and help your cousin invest. “

A recent survey by crypto financial services company BlockFi found that one in ten Americans plan to give away crypto this holiday season. However, less than 25% of respondents said they actually know how to give away crypto.

In terms of respondents’ preferences for giving and receiving crypto, 75% named Bitcoin as their preferred crypto asset, followed by Dogecoin (DOGE) and then Ethereum (ETH).

One in four respondents to the survey also said they plan to buy crypto in the next year.

BlockFi surveyed 1,262 male and female US citizens between the ages of 18 and 65 between October 19 and 26.
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