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BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes deserves more than a year in prison

                                                            Laut US-Staatsanwälten soll der Mitbegründer der Cryptowährungsbörse BitMEX – Arthur Hayes – mehr als 12 Monate hinter Gittern bleiben, weil sein Unternehmen gegen Geldwäschegesetze verstoßen hat.  Es wird erwartet, dass das Gericht ihn zu einer Haftstrafe zwischen sechs Monaten und einem Jahr im Bundesgefängnis verurteilen wird, seit er sich im Februar des Verstoßes gegen das Gesetz über das Bankgeheimnis schuldig bekannt hatte.

A year is not enough

Digital asset and derivatives trading platform – BitMEX – made headlines in October 2020 when the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) accused co-founders Arthur Hayes, Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reed of failing to establish and maintain an AML program. Prosecutors argued that the executives’ actions had turned the trading floor into a “money laundering platform”.

Subsequent lawsuits resulted in a $100 million fine being imposed on BitMEX while the co-founders resigned.

In February of this year, Hayes pleaded guilty to the charges against him, which could see his sentence reduced from six months to 12 months. He also agreed to pay a $10 million fine.

However, US prosecutors said the sentence did not appear harsh enough. Considering the violations he committed, Hayes deserves to be in federal prison for over a year, they added:

our recommendation BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes deserves more than a year in prison, Crypto Trading News

“There is no question that this case has been watched extremely closely in the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrency platforms compliance will be unattainable if their operators believe there are no significant consequences for not complying with the law.”

For their part, Hayes’ lawyers insisted that their client should not see the inside of the prison cell and allow him to travel freely abroad. They argued that this case is a turning point for future violations and will help the US government solve money crimes related to crypto platforms.

The Parole Board also agrees that Hayes should not go to prison and recommends a two-year probation.
BitMEX co-founder Arthur Hayes deserves more than a year in prison, Crypto Trading NewsArthur Hayes, Bloomberg

The other co-founders are not sure

Benjamin Delo and Samuel Reed were also fined for breaking the law by BitMEX. Earlier this month, the CFTC ordered them to pay a $10 million fine each.

In addition, their court sentences are scheduled for June 15 (Delo) and July 13 (Reed) as it is not yet known whether they face jail time, suspended sentences or additional fines.

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