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BitMEX launches its native Exchange token

                                                            BitMEX wird seine eigene native Cryptowährung veröffentlichen coin heißt BMEX Anfang Februar nächsten Jahres.  Die Plattform versprach, bis zum 1. Februar einen großen Teil der Token per Airdrop in die Brieftaschen der Kunden zu legen.
  • The trading venue took it to Twitter to announce its latest initiative, which suggests that the BMEX token has begun to be minted.
  • Existing and new users can receive the tokens as an airdrop, but all registrations must be fully verified according to BitMEX’s new policy.
  • The company stated that BMEX will have a maximum supply of 450 million coins. The blocking period is up to five years.
  • 20% of the token offering will be for BitMEX employees, another 25% for the company’s “long-term commitment to the token and ecosystem” and the “vast majority” will be “given to reward users”.
  • There is no list price for the value of each BMEX token as it is determined by the market when the company’s Spot branch was launched early in the second quarter. It is worth noting that users will not be able to withdraw the tokens until the spot trading starts.
  • BitMEX described BMEX as a “reward and engagement” token for the exchange’s ecosystem designed to “enhance” the overall trading experience of users. Planned benefits include discounts on trading fees, higher returns on earn products, and others.

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