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Blockchain veteran David Atkinson joins Locus as an advisor to Chain Projekt

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The team behind the development of the Blockchain the next generation that achieves full decentralization and unlimited scalability announced that David Atkinson has joined Locus Chain as a consultant.

David Atkinson has a solid reputation as a blockchain industry veteran as an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder, architect and economic designer.

David is a co-founder of four highly respected organizations that contribute to the advancement of web3.

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Holochain is a framework for self-hosting open source code and P2P application protocols. Holo is P2P web hosting, analogous to a decentralized AWS. SL2 Capital is a venture capital specializing in blockchain investments and is known for investing heavily in Web 3.0 and distributed ledger technology, particularly in NFT, Metaverse and GameFi. Rain Protocol is a royalty-free, open-source toolset for building the Web3 economy, focused on configurable bootstrapping and tokenomics tools critical to the growth of blockchain infrastructure, games, and developers.

David Atkinson has built a successful career as a builder, incubator and advisor of blockchain-based ecosystems, as a blockchain investor and as a blockchain economist. His experience and influence in the blockchain industry is expected to play an important role in creating an ecosystem with various Layer2 projects and DApp developers.

Ort Chain is the next generation blockchain platform that achieves the best performance and scalability in a fully decentralized environment. It is the only one due to its extremely low-cost nodes that can be operated on devices with low computing power such as mobile devices Blockchain-Technology that can be practically used both worldwide and in IOT areas where countless microtransactions are taking place. The developer of Locus ChainBloom Technology, is expected to launch various projects such as games, metaverse, medical industry projects and government smart city projects to achieve its goal of commercializing its public blockchain without obstacles and restrictions.

David Atkinson said, “I’m excited to be an advisor to Locus Chain, a public blockchain with stunning performance, low cost, full decentralization and unlimited scalability, and I look forward to playing an advisor role. I expect Locus Chain to be recognized globally with a number of outstanding Layer 2 projects running on Locus Chain.”

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