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Bloxmith launches Raiders Rumble, a mobile strategy game for web2 and web3 gamers, on the Flow blockchain

Taipei, Taiwan, March 13, 2023, chain wire

Bloxmith, the player-first Web3 gaming studio, today announced the open beta for Raiders Rumble, its unique 1v1 squad battler game for mobile powered by the FlowBlockchain supported, is now available for download on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Raiders Rumble challenges players to make quick strategic decisions to counter their opponents’ movements. Designed as a strategic eSports game for the masses, it features a daily rotation of tournament modes where the top 50 percent of participants can win in-game items or RUMB tokens, the Raiders Rumble project token.

In addition, players do not require cryptoWallet or digital collectibles (NFTs) to start playing and enjoy the game. To maintain competitive integrity, digital collectibles in Raiders Rumble do not provide an advantage in combat, although they do have some other unique qualities that make them highly valued by collectors.

“For our first game, we wanted to create a new breed of competitive mobile strategy game that would help bridge the gap between traditional and Web3 gamers,” said Wayne Lee, co-founder and CEO of Bloxmith. “We are excited to be working on the Flow blockchain – it solves the scalability problem for games and digital collectibles. With seamless onboarding, social logins, and familiar payment methods, Flow is built from the ground up to help mainstream users and brands transition from Web2 to Web3.”

As part of the launch and esports nature of the game, Raiders Rumble will host three bonus tournaments sponsored by Flow. Strategy players have the opportunity FLOW-Tokens up for grabs with a total prize pool worth $120,000 in FLOW up for grabs for the best strategy players. These Flow sponsored tournaments will take place between March 23rd and 31st. For more details, visit the Raiders Rumble website here.

“Raiders Rumble is a compelling example of a mobile game that can simultaneously appeal to a mainstream audience while introducing them to the power of Web3 gaming with Flow,” said Chirag Narang, Head of Product at Flow. “The Bloxmith team’s innovative approach to game design and player onboarding aligns strongly with Flow’s vision and goals for our ecosystem around gaming and mainstream user onboarding for Web3.”

About Bloxmith

Founded in December 2021 by a group of passionate gaming veterans from Riot Games, Blizzard Entertainment, Pumpkin VR and Facebook Gaming, Bloxmith’s mission is to create player-first games that are still fun after 1000+ games . Bloxmith investors include Infinity Ventures Crypto, Dapper Labs, Vayala, Moon Holdings, Bitoro, SEA Pixel and

For more information, visit: Website | Twitter | LinkedIn | discord

About flow

Flow is a decentralized Layer 1 blockchain built for mainstream consumer onboarding. Seamless, secure, and environmentally friendly, Flow empowers developers to innovate and push the boundaries that will bring Web3 the next billion. Today, Flow is home to a thriving ecosystem of developers from top brands, development studios, venture-backed startups, crypto executives and more. Visit for more information


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