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BNB worth $ 600K stolen

                                                            Heute früh erschienen Berichte, die darauf hindeuten, dass das Team hinter MetaSwap – einem Protokoll, das NFT-Swaps über Ethereum, Binance und Polygon – hat 1.100 BNB gestohlen.  Kurz darauf tankte das Eingeborenen-Token.
  • the Blockchain-Security and Data Analysis Resource – PeckShield – has identified suspicious behavior by the MetaSwap team and proposed a soft rug pull.
  • Specifically, the company said the team behind the NFT swapping platform stole 1,100 BNBs (valued at around $ 605,000) and transferred them to TornadoCash – and Ethereum-based tool designed to chain-link the recipients – and the destination address to interrupt.
  • PeckShield also said the MetaSwap’s native token – MGAS – has been dumped by almost 50%.

#RugPull PeckShield has determined that @MetaSwapMGAS soft-rugged, the stolen funds (1,100 BNB) will be transferred to @TornadoCash (#BSC). DO NOT PARTICIPATE in this contract and if you have agreed to it, CANCEL

– PeckShield Inc. (@peckshield) December 27, 2021

  • While PeckShield’s allegations have not yet been confirmed, the MetaSwap team deleted all social media channels related to the log, raising even more suspicion.
  • As a result, malicious activity continues to occur in the digital assets space and in particular in December DeFi.
  • Crypto potato reported last week when the DeFi project – Grim Finance – was exploited for Fantom (FTM) worth about $ 30 million.
  • Previously, the AscendEX (formerly known as BitMax) crypto exchange fell victim to a hack in which up to 80 million dollars were looted. Bitmart was breached earlier this month and the attackers took away $ 200 million in various digital assets.

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