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Bowled io, the world’s first play-to-earn cricket game, is selling out fast

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India, April 30, 2022 – The Genesis drop of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – featuring NFTs from cricketers, stadiums and more – sold out in seconds during the drop, which took place on

The digital collectible, which includes NFTs of cricketers, stadiums and almost everything cricket-related, has enabled fans to use their cricket-related skills and achieve exciting social and economic benefits. With the launch of this Genesis series, the platform has launched digital assets packed with cricket verse utilities.

Launched on global NFT marketplace, the collection had listed less than 5% of total assets across Epic, Rare and Super Rare categories. The community booking, which preceded the Genesis drop and consisted of 145 unique assets, sold out before listing was complete.

The final phase of the auctions saw a record number of bids, with some assets rising as much as 9x the total reserve price, which was a huge vote of confidence from the community as well as the potential play-to-earn games hold for the future.

Through in-game economies built on public blockchains, sees itself as a catalyst for creating new socio-economic opportunities. With platform design, cricket lovers around the world are using their passion and understanding of cricket to actually earn for life. With over 15,000 community members supporting and waiting for the launch, has come significantly closer to its goal with this launch.

Following this launch, is gearing up for the release of Game Arena, scheduled for Q2 2022. The next few months will be exciting for both the team and community as several more product launches are lined up in Q3 2022, including the launch of $CRUX tokens and Play-to-Earn Game Arena.


Akshay Khandelwal is the CEO and founder of as well as a proven startup leader and expert in the sports sector. He has founded multi-million dollar companies in media, content and e-commerce. In addition, has a team of people with expertise in the Blockchain-Industry.

With a vision to shape the future of content consumption and engagement, enables the sports community to own the sport, use their knowledge and achieve social and economic benefits.

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