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Bridging Crypto and NFTs with Alternative Investments – Crypto News Aktuell

                                                            Inzwischen sind Alternative Investments von der Seitenlinie ins Zentrum der globalen Investmentszene gerückt.  Aber obwohl sie den Mainstream erreicht haben, sind Privatanleger immer noch nicht in der Lage, ihre Portfolios zu diversifizieren, um alternative Anlagen aufzunehmen, obwohl der Sektor gute Anlagerenditen bietet.

Low liquidity and the lack of verifiable financial data to help them analyze and invest have been identified as the main barriers preventing many investors from entering alternative investments.

But Flasko has created a groundbreaking product to help crypto investors diversify into alternative investments. How does Flasko achieve its goal and what else does the platform offer?

This is what awaits you in this article

About Flasco

Bottle is a Blockchain-based investment platform bridging the alternative investment industry and the cryptocurrency sector. It offers crypto investors a door to alternative investments by giving them access to the premium beverage market.

Through Flasko, investors can benefit from the beverage industry by investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent an investment in rare and expensive liquor/kegs.

The platform buys luxury drinks and stores them in insured and licensed bonded warehouses. Then mints NFTs for each beverage asset, allowing users to invest in the beverages. Investors claim ownership of beverages by purchasing their NFTs in whole or in fractions.

Flasko analysts also follow the market on a daily basis and provide investors with adequate data to make investment decisions. The platform aims to build a significant market for expensive and rare whiskeys, champagnes and wines.

Through governance, Flasko allows investors to decide whether investments are sold back to the global market or auctioned/sold independently and split these proceeds among the token investors.

Bridging Crypto and NFTs with Alternative Investments – Crypto News Aktuell, Crypto Trading News

Properties of Flasko

NFT Marketplace

Users can easily invest in rare and luxury real-world beverages by buying and selling NFTs through the Flasko platform. The platform also delivers luxury drinks for free to investors who have acquired 100% of NFT ownership.

Flasko launchpad

Flasko has a launch pad for start-up beverage companies to promote new beverages and allow investors to invest early in start-ups with great potential to become valuable in the future. Alcoholic beverage start-up brands can use the Flasko launchpad to showcase their products to a wide range of users they wouldn’t otherwise have. This offers Flasko users benefits such as first access to newly launched products as well as discounts from beverage brands around the world.

Mark out

The staking option provides another way for users to earn passive income on Flasko. Stakers can achieve an average annual return of 28% on their staked tokens. In addition, the platform rewards players with a portion of their earnings from trading fees.

Flasko VIP Membership

Flasko offers investment opportunities for VIP users in three different tiers. Here are the offers and privileges for each level:

The Whiskey Club

This tier is open to investors with a minimum investment of $10,000 and above and only 75 spots are available. Whiskey Club benefits include delivery of premium whiskey to investors, access to a personal account manager and access to 75 exclusive and discontinued NFTs.

The Wine Club

The Wine Club is exclusive to only 50 affiliates with a minimum investment of $30,000. Privileges enjoyed by members of this club include delivery of premium vintage wines to investors, 24/7 access to a personal account manager and access to 50 exclusive and discontinued NFTs.

Members also get exclusive access to wine tasting events worldwide with Flasko partners and priority access to all new wine startups on Flasko’s partner list.

The Champagne Club

This tier is only available to 25 partners with a minimum investment of $60,000. Members of this club enjoy privileges such as doorstep delivery of premium vintage champagne, 24/7 access to a personal account manager and access to 25 exclusive and limited NFTs.

In addition, investors will receive priority access to all of Flasko’s new whiskey and wine startup partners, NFT conference partners, whiskey, wine and champagne tasting events around the world with Flasko partners and two trips per year to the Champagne region in France.

Note that VIP membership is optional and there is no minimum amount users can invest on the platform, although the maximum investment is set at $500,000.

The FLSK token

FLSK is the utility token of the Flasko platform. FLSK has a total supply of 1 billion tokens, however, as all unsold tokens will be burned, the circulating supply will be less. The project envisages blocking the liquidity for 33 years in order to cover the risks a pull carpet.

Investors will use FLSK to invest and trade NFTs on the Flasko platform. The token also serves as a ticket for Flasko events. FLSK also acts as the project’s governance token, giving holders the right to vote on decisions that could affect Flasko’s future growth.

The first phase of the Flasko (FLSK) presale is currently priced at $0.040 and will run until October 20th.

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