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BTCPay Server adds the WabiSabi CoinJoin plugin which gives merchants an option for more privacy

Merchants using BTCPay servers can now protect their privacy with Wasabi’s CoinJoin coordination protocol Wallet protection.

The Bitcoin-Payment processing software BTCPay Server has added a CoinJoin plugin for its merchants, allowing them to maintain their privacy while managing their trades. Stores that enable the Wasabi Wallet-based WabiSabi CoinJoin coordination protocol can automatically associate all bitcoins they receive with CoinJoin.

A CoinJoin is when two or more people combine their transactions into one such that it is unclear who owns which coin after the transaction.

BTCPay Server adds the WabiSabi CoinJoin plugin which gives merchants an option for more privacy, Crypto Trading News
</figure><p>Das Plugin, entwickelt von <a rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank" href="">Andreas Camilleri</a>, bietet auch eine Zahlungsstapelfunktion in CoinJoin, mit der Benutzer Adressen direkt innerhalb einer CoinJoin-Transaktion bezahlen können.  Dies spart Blockplatz und verbessert die Privatsphäre im Vergleich zu einer Zahlung in zwei Schritten, heißt es in der Pressemitteilung, die an das Bitcoin Magazine gesendet wurde.<br><br>Das BTCPay Server-Plug-in enthält auch a coin Auswahlschnittstelle, mit der Händler ihre Münzen basierend auf ihren gewonnenen Anonymitätswerten ausgeben können.  Durch die Verwendung des WabiSabi CoinJoin-Protokolls können Händler CoinJoins in beliebiger Menge anstelle von CoinJoins mit fester Stückelung durchführen, wodurch die Menge an nicht privatem Wechselgeld, das Benutzer erhalten, reduziert und Zahlungen innerhalb des CoinJoin ermöglicht werden.

“BTCPay Server is the most advanced merchant payment processing software for Bitcoin. It was only logical that it would include an optional CoinJoin plugin with the most advanced privacy enhancement tool for Bitcoin,” said Max Hillebrand, Wasabi Wallet employee and CEO at zkSNACKs. Users can access a dashboard to assess the privacy level of their wallets and the details of the current CoinJoin transaction they are participating in, gaining additional insight and control over coin selection in and out of CoinJoin transactions.

All BTCPay Server traders can now use the new CoinJoin feature. You can choose CoinJoin for a fee with a coordinator provided by zkSNACKs, and all BTCPay Server admins can set up their own CoinJoin coordinators with their own terms, built on Wasabi Wallet’s WabiSabi CoinJoin protocol. If users run their own coordinator, the BTCPay Server plugin also offers an optional revenue sharing feature that donates a percentage of the proceeds to the HRF and OpenSats foundations.

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