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Bulls & Apes Project announces new initiative to tokenize thousands of communities

[PR – Southington, United States, 7th December, 2022, Chainwire]

Bulls & Apes Project LLC (BAP) launches Community Tokenization, an industry-changing initiative.

BAP, a web3 company with a vision to create a world of infinite possibilities, launched its first collection on May 31st with an industry-first 6-month ETH– Back to market and has defied bear market conditions by consistently delivering value and a resilient community.

Many NFT-Projects provide value to the owners of their native NFTs. Community tokenization, on the other hand, uses the public character of the Blockchainto provide BAP usage for people who own NFTs from other projects. Through this initiative, BAP will reward holders of an ever-growing list of tokenized communities with their erc20 token Methane simply for holding NFTs from these projects.

BAP plans to tokenize larger projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gutter Cat Gang, and Cool Cats, but also smaller projects with thriving communities like Bubble Gum Kids, Nonconformist Ducks, and more. Shortly after acquiring Bulls On The Block, BAP tokenized this community and is already seeing a high level of adoption and engagement.

“When we started the Bulls & Apes project, we wanted to build a project that we would be proud to be a member of, but we also wanted to build something bigger than ourselves and bigger than BAP,” said Anthony Mongiello, CEO of the Bulls & Apes Project. “For us, community tokenization is the next step in realizing our vision. We are building the Web3 way, decentralized, permissionless, removing gatekeepers and intermediaries to give opportunities to individual holders. This is web3.”

A big part of BAP’s success is its robust and scalable tokenomics structure, backed by its in-game utility token Methane. B.AP have invested heavily in technology and gamification design to provide a simple, fun and rewarding proprietary model where holders receive rewards simply for retention and engagement. In addition, BAP funded five levels of auditing and ongoing legal advice to ensure a secure and sustainable framework that the community can rely on.

“We’re proud of the tokenomic structure we’ve built,” said Mongiello. “And now we’re excited to share that structure with communities outside of our own owners. We have big plans for Methane and creating a resilient environment where hundreds and maybe thousands of communities can engage. Stay tuned for big announcements coming very, very soon.”

For more information on the Bulls & Apes Project, visit and Twitter and Discord feeds.

About the Bulls & Apes Project

Bulls and Apes Project (BAP) is a web3 company with a mission to empower communities to create worlds where they can live their best lives. BAP helps community members build and sustain wealth through education, tokenomics that drive sound financial strategies, venture capital deal flow, and networking with peers. BAP offers world-class art and creativity that draws consumers into its ecosystem; fun games, events and media that engage and connect consumers; a professionalism that inspires confidence in our products, ability to deliver and commitment to consumer appreciation.

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