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Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson says hundreds of crypto projects are preparing to launch after blockchain upgrade

According to Charles Hoskinson, many projects are preparing to upgrade the Vasil hardfork on the Cardano (ADA)Blockchain to be started.
Hoskinson, the co-founder of Cardano, says in a tweet that there are hundreds of projects announcing they will take advantage of ADA’s new features, which will be available to developers next week.

“I’ve seen hundreds of tweets like this. Many projects are looking forward to being deployed now.”

He’s referring to decentralized streaming music company NEWM’s project, which is developing a platform that will allow artists to share music with consumers and collect royalties through NFTs to earn.

According to NEWM, the Vasil upgrade will make operations more efficient.

“What does this mean for our community? We’ve been waiting for Vasil to deploy our smart contracts. This upgrade makes them more efficient and cost-effective on Cardano. The future of music is now! More on that soon.”

In another tweet, Hoskinson praised the performance of the upgrade while also slamming a headline for saying the upgrade came after a three-month delay.

“I find it amazing to see the passive aggressiveness in some of the headlines. We just completed an important milestone that required coordination and testing from people and companies around the world, but the message is “three months late”? Journalists always tell you who they are.”

The CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) previously said the upgrade makes ADA’s goals seem achievable.

“We built Cardano to be the world’s financial operating system. We built it to transfer the unbanked. We built it as a community to give an economic identity to those who don’t have one so we can have a global fair marketplace.”

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