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Cardano rally in the cards, according to crypto analyst Capo – here are the goals

A popular crypto analyst and trader says that one Cardano (ADA)-Rally to new all-time highs on the table as the sixth largest crypto asset ricochets off a crucial area of ​​support.
The crypto strategist, pseudonym known as Capo, tells his 224,800 Twitter followers that he expects Cardano to ignite a potential 4x surge, assuming the Ethereum Competitor remains above a long-term support level.


Second retest of the previous all-time high. As long as it stays above this level, $ 3-4 should be next (last one All time high), and when it consolidates above that, we’ll likely see $ 10. “
Source: Capo / Twitter
Cardano is trading at $ 1.42 at the time of writing, roughly 54% below its all-time high of $ 3.10.

The cryptocurrency analyst and trader also takes a look Bitcoin (BTC)by analyzing demand on the FTX crypto derivatives exchange.

Looking at Bitcoin’s heat map that determines the depth of liquidity in the market, Capo says FTX users are eager to jump on the leading crypto asset.

“FTX is now generating even more demand. That is bullish and does not mean that these orders have to be carried out. “
Cardano rally in the cards, according to crypto analyst Capo – here are the goals, Crypto Trading NewsSource: Capo / Twitter
In the short term, Capo expects Bitcoin to rise to $ 55,000. In terms of the broader crypto market, Capo expects the bull cycle to last at least until the beginning of the second quarter of 2022.

“In my opinion, this bull cycle is going to be longer than most people expect, and 2022 should be bullish until at least April.”

Bitcoin is trading at $ 51,112 at the time of writing.
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